The COVID-19 Global Counterrevolution: What It Is and How to Fight It


A Marxist analysis and strategy for the revolutionary struggle


by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), April 2020


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I. The peculiar character of the current crisis: a Triple Catastrophe


How severe is this pandemic?


A dangerous moment for the bourgeoisie: The Third Great Depression begins simultaneously with a global wave of class struggles


How did the ruling classes arrive to their decision for a mass lockdown?


The ultimate end of the era of Globalization


A new stage of rivalry between the Great Powers after the end of U.S. hegemony



II. On the nature of the COVID-19 global counterrevolution


Monopolization and state capitalism after neo-liberalism


China as a model?


A decisive shift towards chauvinist state bonapartism


What will be the “new normality”?


A Preventive Counter-Revolution


Do we overestimate the relevance of the counterrevolutionary offensive?



III. Fundamental principles of revolutionary strategy in the new Leviathan Era


A political counterrevolution requires a political strategy by the Marxists


The policy of class truce in times of pandemic weakens our struggle in defense of public health


Adventurism or systematic preparation?


Breaking up the chauvinist bonapartist state machinery


The revolutionary democratic struggle: a key element of the Marxist strategy in the new era


Excurse: the relevance of the strategy of permanent revolution


No revolutionary strategy without internationalism in theory and practice!



IV. Revolutionary tactics and slogans for the class struggles ahead


The current situation and its consequences for the class struggle


The main slogan: Conversion of the State of Emergency into a Popular Uprising


Famine and epidemics: some lessons from Lenin and the Bolsheviks


Reactionary opponents of the lockdown


Allies and opponents in future mass struggles



V. The Lockdown Left: A Critique


Stalinist and left-reformist executors of the state-bonapartist lockdown policy


“Trotskyist” cheerleaders of the bonapartist state of emergency


Excurse: Revisionist misunderstanding of the nature of the capitalist state


“Speech is silver, silence is golden.” Not in revolutionary politics!


“Workers control” over state bonapartist Lockdown?


Social-Bonapartism: an offspring of economism and Menshevism


Spontaneous mass actions against the lockdown conditions: a litmus test for the left




VI. Concluding words






RCIT Manifesto: COVID-19: A Cover for a Major Global Counterrevolutionary Offensive  (21 March 2020)


RCIT: A Revolutionary Action Program to fight COVID-19! (April 2020)


RCIT: Open Letter: Act Now because History is Happening Now! (26 March 2020)


RCIT: 2019 Corona Virus: Oppose the Global Wave of Chauvinist Hysteria! (5 February 2020)


Almedina Gunić: Coronavirus: "I am not a Virus"... but WE will be the Cure! (2 February 2020)




List of Tables and Diagram


Table 1. Global Industrial Production, 2017-19 (in Volume)


Table 2. Manufacturing in the U.S. 2017-19 (in percent)


Table 3. World Merchandise Trade, Percentage Changes


Table 4. List of Top 10 Countries with most Global 500 Companies


Table 5. National Composition of the World’s 2000 Largest Corporations, 2003 and 2017 (Forbes Global 2000 List)


Diagram: Practical Consequences of the Differences between Marxists and Social-Bonapartists in the COVID-19 Crisis








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