Zambia: We Condemn the Criminal Fraud Against the RCIT!


Some criminals tried to catfish innocent people with the name of the RCIT in Zambia


Announcement by the Zambian Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 22 February 2019,




We have been informed in recent days by various people in Zambia about an ongoing criminal fraud. A number of students in this country have become innocent victim of a disgusting catfishing operation. Some criminals claimed to recruit them to the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and to organize meetings with its International Secretary, Michael Pröbsting. In reality, the RCIT and its Zambian comrades had no knowledge about this.


The people responsible for this criminal fraud are Matomola Likwanya and Mainda Simataa, leaders of a group called Economic Liberation Association (ELA). They asked innocent students to give them money for educational with the RCIT and promised them a paid employment. Immediately after we get to know about the fraud, we informed all known victims and organized a campaign to stop the fraud. This campaign was successful as Matomola Likwanya is now in police custody.


Mainda Simataa, the ELA’s general secretary, published a “Press Release, and Statement of Apology” on 20 February which claims that they did not know about the fraud. This is nonsense, as the official ELA Facebook page was used to announce the fraud several times and Mainda Simataa himself published statements on this page during the very same period. Furthermore, Mainda Simataa was fully aware that his comrade Matomola Likwanya served until recently a six-month sentence in prison for organizing another fraud.


We as RCIT Zambia condemn ELA for this truly dishonest and criminal behaviour. We split from the comrades of the ELA in April 2018 because of their political manoeuvre to join the capitalist party UPP. Since then we had no contact with ELA. However, we would not have expected our former comrades to degenerate into a criminal group which robes the poor instead of helping them!


Socialists in Zambia have financial problems as the country is very poor and exploited by imperialism. However, real socialists would never engage in frauds! Real socialists would never steal money from innocent students! The fraud of ELA has not only damaged the ELA as such and its tradition. It discredits the cause of revolutionaries in Zambia as well as the name of communism!


We as RCIT Zambia warn all activists in Zambia and internationally to ever get in contact with the Economic Liberation Association (ELA), respectively Mainda Simataa and Matomola Likwanya who unfortunately have proven to be criminals. Do not trust these people and especially: Do never give any money to them!


We as RCIT Zambia are willing to march forward in building the revolutionary organization that is characterized by always helping and supporting the struggle of the workers and poor! We invite activists who are interested in revolutionary politics to get in contact with the RCIT Zambia, an organization that will never ask Zambians for money but only for honest and determined support of the revolutionary cause!


The International Secretariat of the RCIT supports this statement.