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[PAMPHLET] Afghanistan: Understanding (and Misunderstanding) the Taliban. Class Contradictions, Women’s Oppression and Anti-Imperialist Resistance


[PAMPHLET] The Kashmir Question and the Indian Left Today


The Coming Inter-Imperialist War on Taiwan


Afghanistan: The Rats Are Fleeing!


Afghanistan: The Meaning of the Anti-Imperialist Victory and the Perspectives Ahead (Questions and Answers)


General Strike in South Korea on 20 October 2021


Japan: Stalinist Patriots against “China’s Hegemonism”


The Real Estate Bubble in Capitalist China


Afghanistan and the humiliating defeat of the Imperial Eagle


Cambodia: Trade Union Leader Imprisoned for “Causing Social Unrest”


The Fake Trotskyists and the War in Afghanistan


Afghanistan: The Hypocrisy of Western Imperialism


Afghanistan: Another Proof of the Decline of U.S. Imperialism


Sri Lanka: Government says no Money to Solve Teachers’ Salary Anomalies


Sri Lanka: Important Struggle of the Teachers


Cambodia: Hun Sen Orders a Lockdown in Phnom Penh under the Pretext of COVID


Thailand: Pro-Democracy Activists Call for Removal of the Prayut Chan-o-cha Regime!


Burma/Myanmar: Russian Imperialism is a Crucial Helping Hand for the Tatmadaw


Burma/Myanmar: Some Thoughts on the International Significance of the Popular Uprising


Where are the Workers in the Chinese “Communist” Party?


Burma-Myanmar: The Popular Resistance Takes Up Arms!


A Japanese Monopoly Capitalist Praises China’s Ruling “Communist” Party


Myanmar: International Solidarity with the Popular Uprising!


Afghanistan: Good Riddance, Yankees!


Myanmar: Popular Anger also Turns Against Japanese Corporations


Myanmar: Popular Masses turn against Chinese Imperialism!


China is Definitely the Place where You Want to Be (If You are a Billionaire)


China: Free Xiong Yan (熊焰)!


Myanmar: Bloody Military Crackdown on Pro-Democracy Mass Protests!


Myanmar: Down with the reactionary Military Coup!


India: Victory to the “Dilli Chalo” Uprising!


Cambodia: The Hun Sen Regime has had over 121 Human Rights Activists arrested


Thailand: Another Bloody Crackdown Looms against the Democracy Movement!


Kyrgyzstan: "October Revolution” Drives Out Authoritarian Government


India: Rally against the Oppression of the Kashmiri People (5.8.2020)


Indian-Occupied Kashmir: Resistance in the Concentration Camp (First Anniversary of Revocation of Article 370)


China / Hong Kong: The Beginning of the Counterrevolution


Indian Social-Patriotic Stalinists and the China-India Border Conflict June 2020


China-India Border Conflict: Down with Chauvinist Warmongering on Both Sides!


Thailand: Pro-Democracy Activists call for Resignation of Prayut-Chan-o-cha and his Bonapartist Regime


“Big Brother” in China: The “Personal Health Index” App


China / Hong Kong: Down with the National Security Law!


Dogfight among Social-Imperialists (Japanese vs. Chinese Communist Party)


China: Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Hubei!


India: Down with the CAB! Solidarity with the uprising of the Assamese people!


The Corona Pandemic is not the Problem but only a Symptom of the Decay of the Capitalist System


Thailand: Future Forward Party banned and it's MPs expelled from Parliament


Indian-Occupied Kashmir: “We Can Also Do It Like Israel”


Hong Kong / China: “…While Their Elders Cheer Them On”


India: Another Orgy of Hindutva Chauvinism


Global Popular Uprisings: Beijing Calls West to Jointly Defend “the Rule of Law”


Indian-Occupied Kashmir: European Right-Wing Extremists Go to Modi’s Rescue


Beijing: Global Popular Uprising “Worse Than SARS


Report (with Pictures and Videos): India: Rally in Support of the Liberation Struggle in Kashmir (26.10.2019)


Indonesia: Defend Democratic and Human Rights against the New Criminal Code!


Revolutionaries and the Slogan of “Azadi Kashmir”: Should Marxists advocate the independence of Kashmir?


India: A Prison House of Nations and Lower Castes (On the Reasons for Modi’s Coup in Kashmir)


India/Kashmir: Licking the Feet of Modi


Indian-Occupied Kashmir: The Heroes of Soura


Modi Has Transformed Kashmir into a Huge Concentration Camp


Jammu Kashmir Revolutionary Socialists declare their support for the latest RCIT Statement on Kashmir


India: Defend the Kashmiri People against Modi’s “Israel-Style” Attack!


China: Solidarity with the General Strike in Hong Kong


Uyghurs in China: 37 Signatures Are Worth a Thousand Words


Down with the Imperialist Trade War between Japan and South Korea!


China: Long Live the Popular Uprising in Hong Kong!


China: Another “Success“ of the Stalinist-Capitalist Regime


China: Mass Protests against Reactionary “Extradition Law” in Hong Kong


Indonesia: Widodo Wins a Second Term as President


Imperialist China: Two Telling Trends


China: Down with the Pseudo-“Communist“ Capitalist Dictatorship! (Proposal for a Platform)


Korea: Defeat Imperialism! (Joint Statement with South Korean Revolutionary Communists)


Bangladesh and the Saudi Military Pact


Thailand: Result of General Election Produces Stalemate and Deadlock


China's Billionaire Lawmakers


Kashmir: Social-Patriotism Among the Indian Left


India-Pakistan: Defeat the War Mongers! Free Kashmir!


India – Bangladesh: ‘Friendship’ through barbed fence


General Election in Thailand: Down with the Prayut-Chan-O-Cha Military Dictatorship!


Bangladesh: Dhaka Street Vendors Evictions


Bangladesh: Burning to death is not an improvement over starving to death


Sri Lanka: Power Struggle Within the Ruling Class Threatens Democratic Rights!


Tsunami in Indonesia: The Failure of the Bourgeois Government of Joko Widodo


China: A Paradise for Billionaires


Afghanistan: A Successful Strike against the US Occupation


China: Defend the Muslim Uyghurs against Oppression!


Debating the Capitalist Nature of China


Global Trade War: No to Great Power Jingoism in West and East!


The History of JSD (Bangladesh)


Thailand 5 Years after the Coup


Some Thoughts on the Political Situation in Sri Lanka


Has the Trump-Kim Summit Opened the Road to Peace in East Asia?


Again on Capitalist Restoration in North Korea


Malaysia: Historic Defeat for Ruling Corrupt Clique of Barisian Nasional


Cambodia: Organize the Struggle against the Hun Sen Government


Thailand: Defeat the Military Dictatorship!


Anatomy of the Communist Party of Bangladesh


US Aggression against North Korea: The CWI's "Socialist" Pacifism


Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims!


Myanmar: Solidarity with the Uprising of the Rohingya Muslims!


Afghanistan: Drive the US Occupants Out!


The China-India Conflict: Its Causes and Consequences (A Pamphlet by Michael Pröbsting)


North Korea: Stop the American Warmongers!


North Korea: Stop the War Mongering of US Imperialism!


The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor is a Project of Chinese Imperialism for the Colonialization of Pakistan!


After the Killing of Burhan Wani: Long Live the Kashmiri Intifada!


China’s “Socialist“ Billionaires


China: Wang Chaohua - The Party and its Success Story. A Response to “Two Revolutions”


Pakistan: Neglected Flood Victims protest against the Government


Hong Kong/China: Long Live the Anti-Government Protests!


Pakistan: Down with the Pro-Imperialist Government of Nawaz Sharif!


Thailand: How Should Socialists Fight Against the Military Coup? A Critique of the Statement “Oppose the coup regime!”

Thailand: Shall Socialists Defend the Government Against the Military Coup? Reply to a Neo-Bordigist Polemic of the LCC

Thailand: Smash the Developing Military Coup!

The Conflict over the Paracel Islands in East Asia: No to China’s Imperialist Threats against Vietnam!

Sri Lanka: The Haves and the Have Nots

Cambodia: Long Live the Heroic Struggle of the Textile Workers!

Thailand: CWI’s Disgraceful Support for the Bosses’ “Yellow Shirts”

Thailand: Defeat the looming reactionary Coup D’état!

Theses on capitalism and class struggle in Bangladesh

Philippines turn into a mass grave – For International Workers Aid!

ULWP Action Program for Socialist Revolution in Sri Lanka


(Article on Privatization in Pakistan in Urdu) نجکاری۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔محنتکشوںپرحکمرانطبقہکابڑاحملہ


Japan: Horror without End in Fukushima


No war against North Korea - Call for Protests on the Day when a War starts