Defend the Syrian Revolution in Idlib and Al-Ghouta – not in Afrin!


Leaflet of the RKO LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency) for a Rally of the Syrian Community during the U.N. Conference on Syria, 25.1.2018,




Brothers and Sisters! The Syrian Revolution is in the utmost danger! Our revolution is threatened by annihilation and betrayal!


The Revolution is under threat because of the merciless advance, the horrific bombardments and the chlorine gas attacks of Assad’s army and his Russian and Iranian allies!


The Revolution is under threat because of the sell-out at the fake negotiations in Astana, Sochi and Geneva!


The Revolution is under threat because of the Turkish war against the Kurds in Afrin! We want the unity of all brothers and sisters – of the Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens!


The Revolution is under threat because of the withdrawal of Syrian fighters from the front in Idlib in order to fight under Turkish command against the Kurds! The Turkish war in Afrin helps Assad who wants to conquer Idlib!


The truth is: Erdoğan and Putin are working hand in hand! Erdoğan gets Afrin and Assad gets Idlib and al-Ghouta!


Brothers and Sisters, the Revolution can not be saved by subordination to the Great Powers Russia or the USA or the Turkish government! It can not be saved if liberation fighters become merchants of foreign powers!


* Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution!


* Down with Assad, Putin, Rouhani and Trump!


* All liberation fighters must join the struggle in Idlib, al-Ghouta, Daraa etc. – but not in Afrin!


* For a workers and peasants government!


* Against sectarianism – for joint resistance against Assad irrespective of religion and ethnicity!


* Russia, Iran, USA, EU, Turkey – Out of Syria!


* Solidarity with the liberation struggle of the oppressed masses in Egypt, Iran, Yemen, Tunisia and Sudan!


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