Greetings from the RCIT to the Public Meeting on the Revolutionary Process in Sudan and Algeria (Kenya, 13 August 2019)




Dear comrades, brothers and sisters


The International Bureau of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends the warmest greetings to your conference! We congratulate the comrades for organizing such an event!


The subject of your conference – the revolutionary process in Sudan and Algeria and its lesson for the liberation struggle in Kenya – is highly relevant today.


In this short message we can not present our analysis and programmatic conclusions of the popular uprising in Sudan and Algeria which the RCIT has elaborated in a number of documents. (See on this the collection of our articles on the revolutionary process in Sudan in Algeria,


We only wish to emphasize that the revolutionary struggle of the workers and oppressed can only succeed if it does not stop halfway. It must not result in a rotten compromise with the old elite as the bourgeois opposition is currently attempting in Sudan. The revolution must be permanent until the ruling class and its state apparatus is smashed and until the workers and poor peasant have taken power.


Organizing such a permanent revolution, combining the democratic with the socialist tasks, requires the construction of a leadership, i.e. a revolutionary party nationally and internationally. This is the primary task of the RCIT and we look forward to work together with the Kenyan comrades hand in hand.


Comrades, we wish you all the best for your meeting!


Forward to the socialist revolution in Sudan, Algeria, Kenya, the African continent and the whole world!




Revolutionary Greetings,


International Bureau of the RCIT