Not Just Pantami But The Whole Troupe of Pro-caliphate Fulani Hegemony Out!



No Trust in the US or Any Other Great Power! Rather, Destroy the Neo-Colonial Order Of The Imperialists!


Declaration of the Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard, Nigerian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 23rd April, 2021.




Recent revelations of the conclave held by 4 governors of the Far North as far back as 2010 confirms our analysis that there is an entreched enclave of Fulani led Northern hegemony over Nigeria who are unmistakable proponents of an Islamic fundamentalist state.


The news of this meeting which was not in reality hidden, received a quantum boost because of the alarming levels of daily attacks on civilians by armed northern religious extremists plus media reports that the US was considering shortlisting Alhaji (Dr) Isa Pantami, the Minister for Communications and Digital Technology, the same person who chaired the 2010 meeting between the governors, as one of the enablers respectively collaborators with Boko Haram in the high ranking officialdom of the federal government of Nigeria.


This initial report this month has created a domino effect revealing links and sympathies of the Minister to a kind Wahhabi-Salafi Islamic ideology of the Boko Haram/ISIS. Despite all these the presidency has defended the Communications minister and has refused calls to fire him.


It is now clear that the Nigerian government at all levels has been infested with radical fundamentalist who are of northern extraction from the get go as this could just be one of many open meetings to this end, without of course counting the hidden ones. The enamel of many one Nigeria activists is shattered as they can no longer place the blame for the advance of this pro-emirati conquest squarely on the shoulders of president Buhari. If 4 northern governors were already having a meeting with a person like Pantami 5 years before Buhari’s emergence as dictator in civilian garb then it was only a matter of time before a extremist potentate becomes the commander in chief.


Moreover, the recentness of this meeting proves that the reality of Fulani dominance in Nigeria is not something that was effective only during the colonial or military era; the modern carriers of the Fulani/northern agenda have followed us into the post-military and are very much with us as more Pantami’s will show.


Some leftists who are still under the yoke of bourgeois electoralism express this bondage by blaming what they call “radical Islam” or “religion” for “terrorism” and “insecurity” instead of understanding that religion is merely one of the many constructs the ruling class uses to justify its advance against the masses or ruling class of a lesser and/or oppressed nation. The Fulani/northern hegemon maintain their economic and political grip or even extend it using Islamic “teachings” but enforce this hegemony through the Nigerian state and other auxiliaries of Fulani extraction because religious conquest is the way to motivate Fulani zealots to take to arms. To put it simply, religion is not an absolute feature of the capitalist system, the nation state, on the other hand, is.


We have pointed out times without number before now that the upswing of incursions of Fulani extremist invaders in the South and subsequent intensification of their attacks in the North is prompted by a collapse in the capitalist world order which comes with heightened rivalry between states, nations, imperialist powers; semi-colonies and Great Powers. Therefore the US which took the bastion of oversight of the semi-colonies from Britain on behalf of Western imperialism now seeks to shorten the leash on its lackeys–the Fulani hegemony, before their activities spiral into an all out war with the southern ethnic nationalities.


It seems to us that the links of Minister Pantami with the Boko Haram and his ugly history of harlotry with Salafi-islamism were uncovered through efforts sponsored by Western imperialism, the US to be precise just to curb the “excesses” of their stooges, for a “united” Nigeria under northern dominance is the play book that favours the interests of Western imperialism in Nigeria.


Such revelations or threats, maybe even sanctions in a later period by the US government or any other government from the camp of the Western powers should not be mistaken for a push for equality of nations. First because the US is the number one imperialist hegemon so by its very nature it feeds off the oppression of semi-colonies and the conflict with Eastern Imperialism to survive. That is why minority nationalities and immigrants like blacks, Asians, aboriginal Americans and other people of colour suffer age-long oppression from the imperialist government. Despite the trial of Derek Chauvin at least an additional 3 black people were killed by police in the US.


Worse still is the fact that the US is ready to go to any lengths to maintain its grip on the nations of the global south. Just imagine its support for the hyper-reactionary regime of Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia; its material and moral protection of the Isreali apartheid state which has carried out systematic genocide of the Palestinians. It is also worth remembering that the greatest enabler of extreme Islamism globally is the US as they sponsored at the outset groups like the Mujahedeen and the Taliban. Only when they are given a taste of their own medicine do they cry “wolf” and invoke terms like “terrorist”, “fundamentalist” etc. So the US or any other Western imperialist have no justification to wage a “War on Terror” anywhere!


Meanwhile such revelations reveal that the Nigerian government is overly intertwined with a syndicate of Fulani/northern dominance and the advance of an Islamic state agenda. We call for the dismantling of the neo-colonial order throughout West Africa. We say that sacking Pantami alone would do nothing to change the situation, instead we call for the defeat of the Northern ruling class! Remember the ruling class will sacrifice one of its own to maintain its system of oppression or to postpone the hour of reckoning of the masses. Just look at the case of the substituted security chiefs which will hold its own in the annals of gross injustice–promoting corrupt service chiefs to ambassadorial posts while replacing them with a replica that are toothless bull dogs in the face of northern terrorists but fire-spitting dragons to southern nationalist militias.


Boot out Pantami and whole Fulani-led Northern Hegemony! They are the chief gendarme of the neo-colonial order in Nigeria! No Reliance on the US or Western imperialism to Fight “Terrorism”! Free West Africa from the Tight Grip of Western and Eastern Imperialism!


Defeat Boko Haram/ISWAP, Fulani Herdsmen, and the so called Bandits! Defend the Right of Southern Ethnic Nationalities to Self-determination, Autonomy and Secession! Northern and Muslim Workers Must Defend this Right for True Workers’ Unity to be Established!


Defend the ESN and Amotekun Against Nigerian State Aggression! No Man Hunt of Southern Nationalist Agitators, Whether Oduduwa or Biafra! End the Exile of Nnamdi Kanu! In case of A War Between Southern Ethnic Nationalities and the Nigerian State, Revolutionaries and Progressives Must Support the Former Without Any Political Empathy for their Reactionary Leaderships!


For An Indefinite General Strike to Bring Down the Buhari Regime! For A Workers and Poor Peasants’ Government Based on A Planned Economy which Defends the Equality of Nations and Rights of Minorities!