Western Sahara: Down with the Aggression of the Moroccan Monarchy!


Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (Nigeria), Revolutionary Socialist League (Kenya) and the Africa Bureau of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 18th November 2020




1.             With the beginning of a new military operation on 13 November, the Moroccan army has provoked the end of the three-decade-long cease-fire with the Western Saharan Polisario Front. Under the 1991 United Nations-brokered truce, the Sahrawi people were promised to have a referendum in which they could choose between independence and integration with Morocco. However, such a referendum has not held until today. Currently Morocco controls about 80% of the disputed territory, while Polisario has created its Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in the area under its control.


2.             The Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (Nigeria), Revolutionary Socialist League (Kenya) and the Africa Bureau of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) unreservedly denounce the aggression of the Moroccan state. The Sahrawi people have demonstrated commitment to have their independent state throughout the past half century. Starting with the formation of the petty-bourgeois nationalist guerrilla movement Polisario Front in the early 1970s, they fought against the occupation of their territory by the Moroccan state, a long-standing ally of U.S. imperialism. Again and again – e.g. in the First (1999-2004) and the Second Sahrawi Intifada (2005) and other mass protests, the Sahrawi people demonstrated their commitment to the cause of national liberation.


3.             We unconditionally support the struggle of the Sahrawi people for their independent state. We call for the creation of a socialist republic based on workers and popular power. Such a state will only be really independent if it breaks the chains of the imperialist Great Powers and the capitalist monopolies. In order to avoid isolation, the Sahrawi people should not hope for any solution at the hands of the UN or any capitalist foreign government (like Algeria). It should rather ally itself with the ongoing mass protests and liberation struggles on African and Arab countries.


* Victory to the national liberation struggle of the Sahrawi people!


* Recognition to the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic!


* For a socialist and internationalist perspective!




Aluta Continua!




* * * * *




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We refer readers also to the following document:


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