A Decade of Concentrated and Successful Work


On the 10th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency


by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 31 March 2021, www.thecommunists.net




In these days, the RCIT will experience the 10th anniversary of its existence. On 1st April 2011 (no, it was no April fool hoax!), a handful of comrades were expelled by the majority of the international leadership of our predecessor organization – the League for a Revolutionary Communist International (renamed in League for the Fifth International by 2003). Among the expelled comrades were Almedina Gunić, the International Women’s Secretary of that organization, as well as the author of these lines, a member of its international leadership for nearly two decades.


Our expulsion did not come as a surprise since the majority had prohibited us from attending any branch or leadership meetings already for several weeks as they feared an open debate of our ideas. Hence, we were prepared to continue our work without interruption and on the day after our expulsion, on the 2nd April, we held a small conference to found a new organization. While the initial group did live in Austria, we soon (re-)established relations with like-minded comrades from our former international organization in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the U.S. We discussed joint plans, elaborated an international program and other documents, started an international English-language journal (“Revolutionary Communism”) and began to operate as an international organization. The formal and public announcement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) took place one year later when all necessary preparatory steps were successfully implemented.


The background of the split was our struggle against the rapid process of centrist degeneration of the LFI. As we have documented the political issues of our faction struggle extensively in other works, we refer interested readers to these documents. [1] The development in the past decade since our split has fully confirmed our criticism of the L5I-majority. Following the motto “fast & furious”, they experienced further political degeneration resulting in the defense of neoliberal globalization as a “lesser evil” (compared to protectionism), in the statement that the imperialist European Union would represent “bourgeois democratic progress” (compared with the national state) and various other political shifts reflecting an spineless opportunist adaptation to bourgeois liberalism. Since spring 2020, the L5I has become a dedicated supporter of the state-bonapartist Lockdown policy, joined the “Zero COVID” campaign which calls for China-style radical curfews and publicly calls “cops to enforce laws” against those who do not follow the government’s decrees. Organizationally, they faced further splits and decay. [2]


As the LFI rapidly shifted to the camp of opportunism and social-bonapartism, it has been the left to the RCIT to continue our proud revolutionary tradition which began with the formation of the predecessor organization of the LRCI in the mid-1970s.


However, while we are proud of our history and tradition, we have always emphasized that the RCIT does not make agreement on our historical analysis and positions a precondition for joint work. In fact, the vast majority of our members today either come from other traditions or are young comrades new in revolutionary politics.




A Child of the Historic Revolutionary Period Which Began in 2008




To a certain degree, the RCIT is a child of the new historic period which opened with the Great Recession in 2008/09. [3] At that time, it was soon clear to us that the deep crisis of the capitalist world economy had profound and long-term consequences. At the end of 2008 we put forward a corresponding resolution to an international leadership meeting of our predecessor organization, which outlined the main characteristics of the new historic revolutionary period. We argued for responding to this historic turn with a more activist orientation with a major focus not on the university and better-suited layers but rather the mass elements of the working class, the oppressed and the semi-colonial world. [4]


Our approach was based on Trotsky’s remark in which he characterized Marxism [as] a method of historical analysis, of political orientation [5] Hence, we were not satisfied with superficial descriptions and eclectic semi-conclusions – a favorite method of centrists in general and our opponents in this debate in particular – but insisted on a clear and consistent analysis and strategic orientation. While we lost the vote at that meeting, the following internal debates until our expulsion were strongly influenced by the differences in the assessment of the new historic period and the practical consequences following from it.


Picking up Hegel’s brilliant thoughts on dialectic, Trotsky noted in his History of the Russian Revolution that “all historic accidents open the sluice-gates of necessity”. [6] In analogy, we can say that the timing of our expulsion from our predecessor organization – in the midst of the beginning Arab Revolution in spring 2011 – was accidental but it was an accident which expressed a necessity. The Arab Revolution – the greatest single class struggle event since the 1968-76 phase – had just begun. [7] This crucial process fully confirmed our characterization of the new historic period as a revolutionary one. In such a period of sharp class struggles, fundamental differences in program, strategy and practical orientation are impossible to reconcile within a joint organization and, hence, the split was an unavoidable result of our different outlooks.


Our understanding of the profound character of the developments in the new historic period accelerated also our desire to advance our analysis of major theoretical challenges. These efforts resulted in the publication of a number of books and substantial pamphlets. In these works we dealt, in particular, with our theoretical analysis of imperialism and the changes which took place in recent decades (e.g. the shift of capitalist value production from the Western imperialism heart lands to the semi-colonial countries and China, the changes in the composition of the working class [8], migration [9], the rise of China and Russia and the acceleration of inter-imperialist rivalry, the complex issues of the rise of regional powers and the so-called theory of “sub-imperialism” [10], etc.); issues like the capitalist restoration in Cuba [11], the application of the united front tactic in a period where new left-populist formations are growing [12]; the crisis of Zionism and the program of Anti-Zionism [13]; the state question in the period of COVID-19 Counterrevolution; as well as other issues.




Major Turns in World Politics as Historic Tests for Socialists




In our view any revolutionary organization is tested in major political events of historic significance. Naturally, such a benchmark must also be applied to ourselves. Looking back to the past decade we can proudly state that we have succeeded in elaborating a correct analysis of such events as well as a corresponding revolutionary programmatic response. And we did this in time – not years after such events took place!


As this is only a brief review of the first decade of our work as the RCIT, we limit ourselves to a few references to the most important political developments in this period. Readers interested in more details can study our respective documents to which we refer in the corresponding footnotes.


First, our analysis of the decline of capitalism allowed us to recognize the inherent necessity of the acceleration of all contradictions between the classes. Hence, we were able to foresee the dynamic resulting in both a reactionary offensive of the ruling class (anti-democratic attacks, coup d'états, Lockdown policy, rise of racism and Islamophobia, etc.) as well as a massive rise of class struggles (most importantly the Arab Revolution and the Global Wave of Popular Uprisings in autumn 2019 [14]). Similarly, we were able to predict the massive acceleration of the rivalry between the imperialist Great Powers – most importantly the U.S. and China. [15] Our method allowed us to integrate all these development in the Marxist analysis of the current historic period of decay of capitalism which inevitable provokes sharp turns, explosions, revolutionary as well as counterrevolutionary situations, etc.


Trotsky once remarked: The vast practical importance of a correct theoretical orientation is most strikingly manifested in a period of acute social conflict of rapid political shifts, of abrupt changes in the situation. In such periods, political conceptions and generalizations are rapidly used up and require either a complete replacement (which is easier) or their concretization, precision or partial rectification (which is harder). It is in just such periods that all sorts of transitional, intermediate situations and combinations arise, as a matter of necessity, which upset the customary patterns and doubly require a sustained theoretical attention. In a word, if in the pacific and “organic” period (before the war) one could still live on the revenue from a few readymade abstractions, in our time each new event forcefully brings home the most important law of the dialectic: The truth is always concrete.“ [16]


These words have proven to be particularly relevant in the current historic period which is so full of tumultuous political events and explosions. Our method enabled us to elaborate a revolutionary line on all the major world political events in the past decade. In contrast to the reformists and centrists who shamefully praised the Syrian tyranny of Assad (Stalinists of all sorts, etc.) [17], sided with the military coup of General Sisi in Egypt (e.g. Stalinists, Alan Woods’s IMT, the Morenoite LIT) [18], or took a neutral position of abstentionism, the RCIT has supported the ongoing popular struggles of the Arab Revolution until today. In contrast to the deserters, we did not stop our support for the liberation struggles against capitalist dictatorships and imperialist intervention when the dramatic rise of Islamophobia in the world public opinion made this increasingly unpopular.


In contrast to those forces which hail China as a “socialist” or “progressive” state or those which claim it would be a kind of “semi-colony” or “oppressed” country, the RCIT has analyzed extensively the capitalist and imperialist nature of China [19] and Russia [20]. We explained that the accelerating rivalry between the Great Powers (U.S., China, EU, Russia, and Japan) has an inter-imperialist character in which socialists must not side with any camp. In contrast, we emphasized, socialists must defend the program of revolutionary defeatism pointedly summarized in the famous slogans of Karl Liebknecht and V.I.Lenin: “The Main Enemy is at Home” and “Transform the Imperialist War into Civil War”. [21]


The latest major test for all socialist organizations has been the COVID-19 Counterrevolution. In nearly all countries around the globe, the ruling class exploits a pandemic as a cover for anti-democratic attacks and the formation resp. expansion of a chauvinist-bonapartist state. The RCIT understood from the very beginning that this pandemic was real but certainly not such a global catastrophe which could justify in any way repeated and comprehensive curfews for whole people. Already in our very first article – called “The chauvinist campaign behind the “Wuhan Coronavirus” hysteria and the revolutionary answer” and published on 2 February 2020 Almedina Gunić warned about the attempts of the ruling class to exploit this pandemic for chauvinist campaigns and for expanding the police and surveillance state. [22] Three days later, on 5 February 2020, we elaborated this analysis further and emphasized the political nature of the COVID-19 policy of the ruling class: [23] We warned that given the dramatic character of the crisis – the capitalist world economy had entered a phase of depression in autumn 2019 while, at the same time, a global wave of popular uprisings shattered the bourgeois order – the ruling class would exploit the pandemic as a cover for its counterrevolutionary offensive. Since then, we have published on this issue more than 80 pamphlets, essays, articles, and statements as well as a book of which a number have been translated into other languages. [24]


As we have demonstrated in our works, most of the so-called “left“ – social democrats, Stalinists, Bolivarians, Trotsko-Revisionists – have not the foggiest notion about the counterrevolutionary nature of the capitalist state policy which is going on under the cover of the pandemic. Worse, many of them continue to criminally support the Lockdown policy which objectively means support nothing but an expansion of the police and surveillance state. [25] And the most reactionary forces amongst the Lockdown Left – like the advocates of the notorious ZeroCOVID campaign – even criticize the capitalist governments for not imposing more, harder and longer Lockdowns. [26]


The RCIT has repeatedly characterized the COVID-19 Counterrevolution as a global, massive and shocking event of similar proportions like Word War I. And, similar to 1914, nearly all organizations of the official workers movement capitulated to the pressure of the ruling class and became direct or indirect servants of the imperialist state. Rarely ever has the crisis of revolutionary leadership been so stark and visible!




Our Achievements and Challenges




In summary, we consider it as the biggest achievements of our work in the past decade that we were able to elaborate a revolutionary line with analysis and programmatic response to all major world political events. This allowed us to maintain the revolutionary continuity – the program and methods of authentic Marxism – which our former comrades, joining the camp of opportunist centrism, had given up. Trotsky pointed out that the strength of the methods of a Marxist organization lies in this, that its program and prognoses are capable of withstanding the test of great events. [27] How many “socialist” organizations can say this about themselves?!


We always emphasized that the ability to find a correct orientation in the tumultuous events of the global class struggle is a precondition for any organization which wants to act as a revolutionary force. Naturally, revolutionary organizations have also several other major obligations – in terms of theory, propaganda, agitation, and practical work. But without such a correct orientation, it is impossible to advance in the process of building a revolutionary world party! As Trotsky once remarked: „The art of revolutionary leadership is primarily the art of correct political orientation.[28]


On the basis of such a correct line we have been able to publish a number of books as well as many pamphlets in which we elaborated in detail our theoretical analysis on various crucial question of the current period. Our 10th book, by the way, will be published in the next days – it deals with the history of “The Zionist Wars” and has been written by our comrade Yossi Schwartz.


In addition, we publish on our website articles on a daily basis and produce every month an international journal as well as a theoretical review – both in English-language. Furthermore, the truly international character of the RCIT is demonstrated by the fact that we have published our material on our website in 25 languages among which the most important ones are – after English – Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German and Korean.


However, we do not limit ourselves to theoretical work and regular propaganda. Our sections are engaged in regular practical activities and join workers and popular struggles. Comrades in Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Britain have a long-time record of trade union work. We have been also engaged many times in various popular struggles, helping to organize the oppressed (Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka). In other countries we systematically work among migrant communities and have a record of organizing youth protests (Austria), build local initiatives in solidarity with refugees (Germany) or side with the struggle of the oppressed people under the most difficult conditions (Israel / Occupied Palestine).


Such a combination of theoretical work, regular propaganda and agitation as well as practical participation in the class struggle has enabled us to build an international organization with sections and activists in more than a dozen countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. This is not a small achievement for an organization which started as a very small group of five comrades in a single country. However, through our systematic work we could create a layer of international cadres who is able to collectively analyze the major events of the class struggle and to translate such an analysis into concrete conclusions for practical work. This achievement is the result of our consistent internationalist method.


The RCIT has been founded on the fundament of Trotsky’s principle that any revolutionary organization must be built from the very beginning as an international organization. [29] Many other socialist organizations have failed to understand this Marxist principle and focus on national policy and building a national organization. They wrongly believe that they need to build first a national and only later, at some point, an international organization. In practice such an approach inevitable results in national-centeredness – both in political as well as in organizational terms. But, as Trotsky once rightly noted, “Marxist policies ’in one country’ are as impossible as the construction of a socialist society ’in one country’.” [30]


We in the RCIT never understood the defense of revolutionary Marxism in a conservative sense, i.e. limiting oneself to defend the correct things which were said in the past. Marxism is a living method, it can not exist as a bible with a list of commandments, but only as a guide to action which has to be applied to the class struggle today. Therefore we in the RCIT judge other forces not so much by what they did say in the past (without, of course, ignoring such issues) but by their positions to the main issues of the current world situation and class struggle. On this basis, we have repeatedly reached out to other forces and tried to advance collaboration and, if possible, fusion. In some cases we had success, in others not. But we think that such an approach is important in order to advance the process of fusion of authentic revolutionaries.


We are in no way complacent about our work. While we are proud about what we have achieved in these ten years, we are aware that much more work lies ahead of us. Our forces have substantially increased since the beginning, but we are still small. Related to this, while our sections have roots in the working class and among the oppressed, we are far away from leading the vanguard. Much more work has to be done and will be done. But we have created a good basis to advance in creating the most important instrument of the working class in its struggle for liberation – a World Party of Socialist Revolution! We call all activists fighting for a socialist future to join us!




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[29] We have elaborated more on this in chapter II of our above-mentioned book “Building the Revolutionary Party in Theory and Practice”. See also e.g. Trotsky’s statement: ““From its very first steps the Opposition must therefore act as an international faction – as did the Communists in the days of the publication of the Communist Manifesto, or in the Zimmerwald Left at the beginning of the war. In all these cases the groups were for the most part small numerically or it was a matter of isolated individuals; but they nevertheless acted as an international organization. In the epoch of imperialism such a position is a hundred times more imperative than in the days of Marx. Those who believe that the International Left will someday take shape as a simple sum of national groups, and that therefore the international unification can be postponed indefinitely until the national groups “grow strong,” attribute only a secondary importance to the international factor and by this very reason take the path of national opportunism. It is undeniable that each country has greatest peculiarities of its own; but in our epoch these peculiarities can be assayed and exploited in a revolutionary way only from an internationalist point of view. On the other hand, only an international organization can be the bearer of an international ideology. Can anyone seriously believe that isolated Oppositional national groups, divided among themselves and left to their own resources, are capable of finding the correct road by themselves? No, this is a certain path to national degeneration, sectarianism, and ruin. The tasks facing the International Opposition are enormously difficult. Only by being indissolubly tied together, only by working out answers jointly to all current problems, only by creating their international platform, only by mutually verifying each one of their steps, that is, only by uniting in a single international body, will the national groups of the Opposition be able to carry out their historic task.“ (Leon Trotsky: An Open Letter to All Members of the Leninbund (1930); in: Writings 1930, pp. 91-92)

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