Britain: No to the Anti-Russian Hysteria and Chauvinism!


Article by Joseph Adams, RCIT Britain, 09.11.2018,




The capitalist media and state in Britain has been waging a hysterical campaign suggesting that Russian intelligence services are conducting operations in Britain.


“Russians living in the UK believe up to half of their fellow expats are sending information back to Moscow, a bombshell report claimed today Putin’s Kremlin are in the midst of a new cold war with Britain”. (


Much of the article in the Daily Mail is innuendo and hearsay with very little evidence that Putin and the Kremlin are engaged in intelligence activity only suggestions and possibilities.


“Interviewees ... suggested that anywhere between a quarter and a half of Russian expats were, or have been, informants,' the report said”


“Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove said today's report 'forcefully reminds us that Russian intelligence activity in the West is still large-scale and intrusive”.


There is no doubt that Russian imperialism is a reactionary force. It brutally suppressed its national minorities – in particular the Chechen and other Caucasian people – as well as the Syrian people rising up against the tyranny of Assad, a loyal puppet of Putin. Furthermore the Putin regime oppresses the working masses in Russia itself as we could see at the protests against the latest pension reform.


However, who is the British state to lecture Russia?! The whole history of British imperialism is full of murder and torture in its colonial empire! Who can forget the notorious role of the British army in Northern Ireland conducting a vicious campaign against the Irish people fighting against the occupation?! And who can ignore Britain’s participation in the bloody occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq since the early 2000s?!


The British propaganda machinery against Russia has nothing to do with human rights. It has everything to do with pure imperialist propaganda serving a definite political purpose in a period of continuing rivalry between imperialist countries like Britain and Russia.


The RCIT in Britain – together with Russian revolutionaries – calls for joint struggle against both British and Russian imperialism. Such a struggle must be based on an internationalist program. The struggle against Russian imperialism must be conducted without and against British imperialism. We oppose any sanctions of imperialist powers including those of Britain against Russia. We reject the imperialist media hysteria.


We call for support for the workers and oppressed in Russia and in countries like Chechnya and Syria. We call for a united front throughout the working class to defend both the oppressed in Britain and Russia especially Muslim migrants who daily face Islamophobic racist attacks and for minorities in Russia like the Chechens who are constantly attacked and oppressed. We also support the struggle of Russian socialists against Putin’s reactionary pension reform!


Down with British and Russian imperialism!


Long live international solidarity!




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