Recent Lessons From the Seizure of Zambian International Airport and Sri Lankan Major Port!


Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (Sympathizing Section of the RCIT in Nigeria), 26 October 2018,




The Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard strongly opposes to the pact signed by Nigerian government with China on two economic deals; the first being the loan and currency swap the second!


For us in the RSV, we are not shocked about this treacherous and neo colonial economic deal between China and Nigeria as we have been warning the reformists and centrists that this capitalist economic system cannot be reformed with its mass of contradictions in a economic stride to always place profits before or above the people and now that it has reached its dangerous highest stage – IMPERIALISM but it has to be totally replaced by a new and better one – socialism whereby no bigger nations will systematically oppress and exploit other smaller nations as the case between advanced countries criminally exploiting smaller with all sorts of preposterous economic deals and in return with blood letting wars in the case of Syria!


Again, we know too well that the 1960 proclaimed independence by the British colonial government was just a transition from colonial grid to neo colonial expansion because beyond the mask of the independence is the continuous looting of our resources by these foreign multinationals through their political managers in their bourgeois democracy and Parliament in the country with numerous anti people policies such as privatization, removal of subsidy, deregulation of the downstream section of the oil sector, Devaluation of currency, and other corrupt practices landing us into tough perpetual recessions.


Just as we have warned that the Buhari/APC led government is nothing different from PDP because they represent and present the semblance and appendages of the whole agenda of the capitalist ruling class to always put policies on board that will accrue enormous profits to the pockets of these rich capitalist businessmen in Nigeria, largely at the detriment or sometimes at the deaths of their citizens.


The loan and currency swap between Federal Government of Nigeria and China should be rejected wholly learning from the reprisal economic implications and huge debts they have had on some African and Asian countries. This policy for us in the RSV is to recolonize Nigeria and subject the masses to vulnerability and slavery.


In the time past, PDP also signed many criminal economic deals with Europe, US, UK and even China but the workers and masses in general were made to pay off this debts through many mechanisms such as slave wage, no access to many welfare and subsidy removal from fuel and many other petroleum products.


We clearly understand the aim of China that is fast sweeping off the resources of these smaller or underdeveloped countries so that she fully emerges as the world economic power aside the US and EU. The seizure of the international Airport of Zambia and Sea Port of Sri Lanka cannot be disconnected from this obvious figure and fact.


What is into play here, unequivocally, is full blown Imperialism in Africa so that China can further and massively exploit, enslave and expand her capital through the official machinery of privatization and devaluation of currency in the long run just as the US, EU, UK did with their Dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling respectively and the working people paid heavily and direly for them in the face of untold economic hardships and capital impoverishment.


We therefore warn again and also that the Labour Unions in Nigeria probe into this shady deals and seriously expose the government from selling our future to China. China is not generous and she is not rolling out father Christmas gifts otherwise her economic deals with Zambia and Sri Lanka could have been sweet stories. It is just a case of ”he who pays the pipers dictates the tunes”.


While NLC, ULC, TUC must vigorously embark on a series of strike actions until their demands particularly on the National Minimum Wage of #66,500 are fullly met, it also pertinent and highly expected of labour unions begin to treat the whole crisis in the system from the root. They should dig deep and being to reject all these neo colonial deals that will definitely return us to the era of bloody impoverishment of the working people in Nigeria.


Capitalism is full of corruption, oppression, violence, wars, exploitation and must be rejected.


Alternative to wanton hard and vulnerable lives is Workers’ Party with Socialist programs.


Don’t let them fool ye again!


Our real enemy is at home!




National Secretariat