Syria: Assad opens once again a Corridor for ISIS/Daesh


Another instructive episode about the collaboration of Assad’s Army and their Iranian and Russian Masters with ISIS/Daesh so that they can fight against the Liberation Forces in Idlib


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 09.02.2018,




Once more, Assad’s killer army and their Iranian and Russian masters are collaborating with the counter-revolutionary ISIS/Daesh so that they weaken the besieged liberation fighters in their last remaining pocket in Idlib.


According to today’s reports from Reuters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as well as local sources, Assad forces had allowed the ISIS/Daesh fighters to leave a besieged pocket of territory at the intersection of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama provinces. They let the Daesh fighters cross a huge distance through Assad-controlled territory so that they could enter southern Idlib – the place of the last remaining large pocket under control of the liberation fighters. (See also the Map below.) (1)


As we have reported in the past, this is not the first time that Assad and his Iranian and Russian masters are collaborating with ISIS/Daesh in order to defeat the Syrian Revolution. (2)


Naturally, the rebels are resisting by any means necessary against the intrusion of Daesh. Even the Assad supporters must admit that both the Free Syrian Army as well as Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham are mobilizing all forces available in order to defeat the Daesh killers. (3)


However, as a matter of fact the liberation fighters are in a very difficult situation today given the massive offensive of Assad’s army and the Iranian militias, the daily systematic carpet bombing by Russian warplanes and, now, another attack by Daesh. As a result the latter were able to occupy today the villages Umm Khalakil, Luwaybidah, and Musharifah.


This latest assault against the Syrian liberation fighters is another example of the arch-reactionary nature of the Assad regime. The Assad regime is certainly no friend of Daesh. Neither is it a friend of the Kurdish YPG. But both are closer to the Assad regime than the rebel factions which are continuing to fight against the dictatorship and its imperialist masters.


As a result they have collaborated in the past against the Syrian Revolution and they are doing so again today. The events of today are not the first example for collaboration between Assad’s army and Daesh and most likely not the last. Likewise we saw the Kurdish YPG collaborating with Assad in the past before they became primarily foot soldiers of U.S. imperialism. And, again, just a few days ago, the Assad regime let a large convoy of Kurdish YPG fighters pass through so that they go to Afrin. (4)


The Assad regime has problems with Daesh as well as with the YPG. But the main enemy of Assad, Putin and Rouhani are those forces which are continuing to fight for the overthrow of the tyranny and for the goals of the Syrian Revolution. Against them, Assad is prepared to make dirty deals with everyone!


The foolish “left-wing” friends of Assad and Putin are justifying their genocidial war against the Syrian people by claiming that this would be a struggle against the “fanatical jihadists” and “Islamic fundamentalists”. This has always been a stupid lie. Facts speak louder than words: Assad and Putin are collaborating with the “fanatical jihadists” of Daesh against the Syrian Revolution!


Hence, we repeat once more our urgent call to all supporters of the just liberation struggle of the Syrian people to double their efforts in order to build international solidarity.


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency will continuing its support for the liberation struggle of the Syrian workers and peasants. When the Revolution is under attack from all sides – the Assad dictatorship, Russian as well as US imperialism, the Turkish and the Iranian regime – it is all the more important to maintain international solidarity with those who don’t give up the struggle.






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(4) This collaboration has been widely reported and is even confirmed by supporters of the Assad regime themselves. See e.g. Leith Aboufadel: Syrian Army allows massive YPG convoy to travel to Afrin from their lines, 06/02/2018,; Large YPG/YBS Convoy Arrived Afrin Through Goernment-held Area To Combat Turkish Forces, South Front, 06.02.2018,




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Map: Assad forces open once again a Corridor for ISIS/Daesh