Revolutionary New Year Greetings for 2021

In the midst of a global counterrevolutionary offensive of the ruling class and heroic mass struggles, revolutionaries must join forces!


An Open Letter from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 28.12.2020,




Dear Comrades, Brothers and Sisters!


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends its warmest New Year greetings to all fighters for liberation and justice!


Behind us lies the most tumultuous year in world politics since 1945. There can be no doubt that future historians will view the year 2020 as a historic watershed. Already in the second half of 2019, the capitalist world economy had entered its Third Depression – a crisis which dramatically accelerated with the Global Lockdown a few months later. Against the background of capitalist decay the rivalry between the imperialist Great Powers – in particular the U.S. and China – could not but accelerate. And at the same a global wave of popular uprisings since autumn 2019 – from Hong Kong to Chile, from Iraq to France – shook the capitalist world order.


In such a situation the ruling class – in East and West, North and South – had to wage a massive counterstrike in order to safeguard their system. The Corona Virus Pandemic offered them a redeeming opportunity and they fully exploited it. Hence, the COVID-19 Counterrevolution has become the most dangerous global offensive against democratic rights since the end of World War II. All over the world, governments exploit the pandemic in order to massively expand the chauvinist bonapartist state apparatus, restrict or abolish democracy and increase control over people’s daily life. At the same time this reactionary policy offers massive business opportunities for monopolies in pharmaceutical industry, IT, retail, security and other sectors.


Such a gigantic counter-revolutionary offensive – full-heartedly supported and co-executed by the Lockdown Left (social democrats, Stalinists, Bolivarians and Trotsko-Revisionists) – inevitable resulted in a temporary setback of the global class struggle in spring 2020. However, the heroic masses in the U.S., in Chile, in Palestine, Syria, Nigeria, India, Thailand, France, and other countries have already renewed their struggles since summer.


The RCIT is convinced that the following developments will characterize the year 2021:


* Economic depression – against which revolutionaries need to advance a program of public employment and expropriation of the big corporations in industry, finance and agriculture!


* Great Power rivalry – against which Marxists need to advance a program of revolutionary defeatism against all Great Powers!


* COVID-19 Counterrevolution – against which revolutionaries need to advance a program of defense of democratic rights and for the expansion of the public health sectors under workers and popular control!


* Global mass struggles and revolutionary uprisings – for which revolutionaries need to advance a perspective of general strikes and armed insurrections via building fighting mass organizations and councils of action!


Comrades, Brothers and Sisters! Never before has the crisis of leadership been felt so painfully! The masses are taking the streets and rise up spontaneously but the revisionist “left” are confused and paralyzed (in best case) or aid the counterrevolution by supporting the Lockdown policy or by siding with one or the other Great Power (e.g. the EU, China or Russia) against its rivals.


Overcoming such a crisis of leadership is the most urgent task of the hour! Revolutionaries must aid the vanguard of the workers and oppressed in finding a correct orientation and organization. In order to advance this task, revolutionaries need to join forces.


Comrades, Brothers and Sisters! Do not wait for others or fate. Aesop teaches that “heaven helps those who help themselves.” And so it is!


The RCIT appeals to revolutionaries around the world to join us in the struggle to build a Revolutionary World Party with sections in each country! Such a party should be based on a program of struggle for the period ahead, a program which combines each and every struggle with the strategic goal – the socialist world revolution! Comrades, brother and sisters, in order to meet the great tasks ahead, we must overcome routine, national-centeredness and complacency!


We can not and we do not wish to pre-determine the concrete road to achieve such a goal. It is quite possible that revolutionaries might first create blocs and alliances before uniting in a single organization. Life will tell us how to do it best. But we must act and not wait!


Comrades, Brothers and Sisters! If the outgoing year was breathtaking, imagine what we will experience in the next 12 months! We have no time to lose! Let us jointly tackle the great tasks of the year 2021! Join forces with the RCIT and let us march forward!


Unity – Struggle – Victory!




International Bureau of the RCIT




* * * * *




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