Jerusalem Day in Israel: Down with the Reactionary Chauvinist Orgy!


By Yossi Schwartz, Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 03.06.2019,




Today is so called Jerusalem Day. A day of chauvinist orgy, when thousands of right wing Jewish nationalists march with the Zionist flags in the Muslims Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem chanting slogans like “Death to the Arabs”.


Instead of preventing this ugly racist march aimed at terrorizing the Palestinians of occupied Jerusalem, the police not only protect the racists but gave permission to hundreds of fanatic right wingers to enter Al Aqsa complex during the high days of the Ramadan. The Mosques were defended by Palestinian youth that the police attacked.


Were the leaders of the center right Blue and White party concerned with democracy instead of holding a rally in defense of ethnocracy in Tel-Aviv, they would have mobilized their supporters to block the march of the right wingers. This of course is a wishful thinking because basically the Blue White party led by generals supports the Jerusalem day as a day of the Israeli victory in 1967.


The fact that the leader of Hadash, Ayman Odeh, was invited to the rally in the last minute to deliver a speech and he agreed to it as a good obedient servant is reflection of the motion of the Israeli Stalinist Party CPI to liquidate itself into the Zionist reactionary camp. When the British ruled India, Kipling, the author of many books and stories in support of British imperialism, created characters like Gunga Din who were the archetype of Odeh.


The only road leading to a solution that will end this racism is the road to one red democratic state in all of Palestine from the river to the sea.