Compilation of RCIT documents dealing with China and Russia as Emerging Great Imperialist Powers


Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry

The Factors behind the Accelerating Rivalry between the U.S., China, Russia, EU and Japan

A Critique of the Left’s Analysis and an Outline of the Marxist Perspective

A new book by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT


Where are the Workers in the Chinese “Communist” Party?


A New War between Russia and Ukraine?

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“A Really Good Quarrel” - Recent US-China Alaska Meeting Shows Continuation of Inter-Imperialist Cold War


A Japanese Monopoly Capitalist Praises China’s Ruling “Communist” Party


China is Definitely the Place where You Want to Be (If You are a Billionaire)


Why do some Marxists still Doubt that China has Become Capitalist? (A Critique of the PTS/FT)


Unable to See the Wood for the Trees (PTS/FT and China)


Chinese Imperialism and the World Economy


China-India Border Conflict: Down with Chauvinist Warmongering on Both Sides!


New Cold War between the U.S. and China (Chapter in World Perspectives 2020)


A Very Self-Confident Imperialist Great Power


China passes the US on Global Business Ranking for the first time


China: Another “Success“ of the Stalinist-Capitalist Regime


Imperialist China: Two Telling Trends


China's Billionaire Lawmakers


China: A Paradise for Billionaires


Great Power Rivalry (Chapter in World Perspectives 2019)


China: Defend the Muslim Uyghurs against Oppression!


Debating the Capitalist Nature of China


Theses on Revolutionary Defeatism in Imperialist States


The Catastrophic Failure of the Theory of “Catastrophism” (Part 4)


Syria and Great Power Rivalry: The Failure of the „Left“


Accelerating Rivalry Between the Imperialist Great Powers (Chapter from Michael Pröbsting's Book "World Perspectives 2018: A World Pregnant with Wars and Popular Uprisings")


The China-India Conflict: Its Causes and Consequences


The Great Power Rivalry and Its Consequences for World Politics (Chapter from the RCIT document World Perspectives 2017)


Росія сьогодні: постання великої імперіалістичної потуги. Емпіричний аналіз із марксистської точки зору (Essay on imperialist Russia in Ukrainian language)


In Response to the Self-Proclaimed “Leadership” of the World Socialist Movement (Long Reply to WSWS)


The Involuntary Self-Exposure of the WSWS (A Brief Reply to a Lengthy Attack by David North’s WSWS against the RCIT)


Why is China imperialist? Interview with Michael Pröbsting


The Accelerating Rivalry between the Great Powers (Chapter from the RCIT document World Perspectives 2016)


Is Lenin’s Theory of Imperialism Incompatible with the Concept of Permanent Revolution?


The China Question and the Marxist Theory of Imperialism (Reply to CSR-PCO)


Ver "Rusia y China como Grandes Potencias Imperialistas"


Escalation of the Inter-Imperialist Rivalry (Theses 27-38 in the RCIT document World Perspectives 2015)


The Uprising in East Ukraine and Russian Imperialism


Polémica: ¿Es China un país imperialista? Spanish-language Document from CSR (Venezuela) and PCO (Argentina) on the RCIT’s analysis of China


Michael Pröbsting: Η διαμόρφωση του Ρωσικού Μονοπωλιακού Κεφαλαίου και η Αυτοκρατορία του


China’s Emergence as an 
Imperialist Power (Article in the US journal 'New Politics')


Rússia e China – Grandes Potências Imperialistas


Lenin’s Theory of Imperialism and the Rise of Russia as a Great Power


On the 100th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War I: The Struggle against Imperialism and War


No to chauvinist war-mongering between Chinese und Japanese Imperialism!


Russia and China as Great Imperialist Powers. A Summary of the RCIT’s Analysis


More on Russia and China as Great Imperialist Powers. A Reply to Chris Slee (Socialist Alliance, Australia) and Walter Daum (LRP, USA)


Russia as a Great Imperialist Power. The formation of Russian Monopoly Capital and its Empire – A Reply to our Critics


China's Transformation into an Imperialist Power


Restoring Capitalism in China (2000)