Mexico: Protest against Brutal Torture of Son of Socialist Leader in Oaxaca


Statement of Solidarity of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 16 May 2018,




We have been informed about a brutal attack against socialist activists in Oaxaca (Mexico). The comrades of the Grupo Internacionalista, Mexican section of the League for the Fourth International (LFI), reported in a statement:


Around noon on Monday, May 7, thugs entered the house of comrade Dr. Arturo Villalobos Ordóñez and his wife, Patricia Méndez Jiménez in Oaxaca, Mexico. Both are prominent oppositional activists in the movement of health workers against government “reforms” that are gutting Mexico’s public health system. Not finding our comrade there, the attackers brutally tortured and beat the couple’s adolescent son, Nizván, and proceeded to ransack the house. As the thugs left, they slashed him and struck the teenager’s head, leaving him unconscious. When his mother returned home she found her son semi-conscious. Nizván is currently in the hospital recovering and undergoing tests for injuries to the head (in addition to the blow, his head was submerged in water) and neck (from being dragged by a rope).


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) strongly condemns this coward and outrageous attack! We send our warmest greetings of solidarity to Dr. Arturo Villalobos Ordóñez, Patricia Méndez Jiménez and Nizván! We hope that their son will recover fully and as soon as possible.


Irrespective of important political differences which exist between the RCIT and the LFI, we emphasize the necessity to stand together against the repression by the bourgeois state and reactionary gangsters. In a statement, the comrades rightly conclude: An attack on one is an attack on all! Hence, the workers and popular movement in Mexico as well as internationally must rally to condemn this brutal attack!


No to political repression!


Long live international solidarity!




A report and statement of the Grupo Internacionalista can be read here: