Crisis in Venezuela: Impressions from the Ground


Letter from Alexis (RCIT Supporter in Venezuela), Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 26 January 2019,




Note of the Editorial Board: Below we reprint excerpts of a letter which we received from a supporter in Venezuela. In this letter, comrade Alexis relays some interesting impressions about the situation on the ground.


We refer readers to the latest RCIT statement on Venezuela which has been published in four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)


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The situation in Venezuela has been very difficult to me and all working class. I work 14 hours and the money is not enough to cover the basic needs at the end of the month. Many are hungry and others have died of hunger, a painful truth.


Currently, we have a dual power situation but there has not been a real reaction. Mainly, because the bureaucratic state of Maduro's government continues all its functions and the military caste supports it. There are no real prospects for a coup d'état.


The right wing opposition seeks for allies, but the truth is that the main powers have given only rhetorical support and they themselves doubt that these powers would do something with concrete actions. Trump's government only uses rhetoric, but it is not willing to a military invasion, it would be very costly for them.


The majority of the working class is controlled by PSUV's bureaucracy (the PSUV is the ruling Bolivarian party, Ed.), and in this crisis times the inorganic money that comes out from the state reaches to bureaucratic caste of the workers' organizations. A business of hunger and control.


The right-wing opposition took to the streets to express their rejection of Maduro, and many call for the military invasion of the United States as the only way out. However, most of that opposition only wants political power because they already dominate economic power and have many businesses where they move a lot of money. They take advantage of the crisis to be richer, while others are poorer.


The poverty levels have skyrocketed. The minimum wage is the lowest in Latin America and one of the lowest in the world, just 6 dollars. The bolivar (the currency in Venezuela, Ed.) is constantly devalued against the dollar. The working class receives its salary in bolivars but all prices are weighted in dollars.


The PSUV's bureaucracy asks its supporters to endure, while they live with luxuries and privileges. Everyone knows this reality, but the reactions are controlled. Stalinism is deeply rooted in Maduro's Government.