Debate between PTS/FT and RCIT/CS on China (Video)


Report by Convergencia Socialista (Argentinean Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency), 12 March 2022,




Yesterday, a highly interesting debate about the class character of China took place in Buenos Aires in the center of Convergencia Socialista. The two participants of this debate were Esteban Mercatante and Michael Pröbsting.


Comrade Esteban Mercatante is a member of the Editorial Board of “Ideas de Izquierda”, the theoretical publication of the PTS (a Trotskyist party in Argentina with representatives in the parliament). Michael Pröbsting is the author of several books and the International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (of which Convergencia Socialista is the Argentinean section).


The two comrades discussed, in a fraternal way, the question if China is an imperialist power or not yet. The debate took place in Spanish and English.



As a background to this debate we refer readers to an exchange between the two comrades as well as a pamphlet by Michael Pröbsting.


Marxists Debate: Is China an Imperialist Power?


Michael Pröbsting: China: An Imperialist Power … Or Not Yet? A Theoretical Question with Very Practical Consequences!




Debate entre PTS y CCRI-CS sobre China, video completo



Por Comité de Medios de CS, marzo 12, 2022,




Ayer, en el local de Convergencia Socialista, tuvo lugar un excepcional debate, entre el camarada Esteban Mercatante, del PTS-Fracción Trotskista y Michael Pröbsting, de la Corriente Comunista Revolucionaria Internacional, de la cual CS es su sección argentina. Ambos debatieron, de manera fraternal, sobre el carácter imperialista, o no, del Estado chino.  (watch here with english complete translation)




Información de contexto


Debate sobre el capitalismo en China:


Michael Pröbsting: China: una potencia imperialista… ¿o todavía no? ¡Una cuestión teórica con consecuencias muy prácticas!




speech of Michael Pröbsting (with translation)

whole debate (without translations)


You can watch the video of the whole debate (including translations) here: