Britain: Defeat Zionism in the Labour Party

Statement by RED LIBERATION, 30 March 2016,


A number of Anti-Zionists have been expelled from the Labour party, mainly for their support for the Palestinian struggle. The Blairite, right wing elements in the Labour party are still in a position to wield effective power in the Party. Shamefully, the Labour party historically has a strong affinity with Zionism. The Labour Friends of Israel is a very powerful lobby for the Zionists in Britain and they have been active recently helping and assisting the Blairites to expel anyone in the Labour party who supports the Palestinian cause. Unsurprisingly, the Labour government after World War I immediately recognised the state of Israel in 1948.


RED LIBERATION (Socialists in the Labour Party) wholeheartedly condemns these expulsions and states that the Palestine Liberation struggle is a just cause. We support joint activities with other Socialists to highlight and show the oppression of Palestine by imperialism and Israel – its agent in the Middle East.


Israel is an imperialist enclave in the Middle East supported by all the major Imperialist powers. RED LIBERATION are also opposed to all forms of Anti-Semitism, oppression and exploitation of all peoples carried out by imperialism and its agents.


RED LIBERATION puts forward the following demands.

* We call on the National Executive Committee to reinstate all expelled persons

* No to Bans and Proscriptions

* Oppose both Zionism and Imperialism in its exploitation of all peoples in Palestine

* No to Anti-Semitism! For a Free and Red Palestine!

* For the dismantling of the apartheid state of Israel! For a secular Arab-Jewish workers Republic in the whole of Palestine!