Austria: Scandalous Bann of a Rally against Islamophobe Racism!


Minister for Interior suppresses freedom of speech … in the name of freedom of speech


Statement of Michael Pröbsting, Spokesperson of the RKO LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 9. November 2020,




A few hours before the official beginning police in Vienna banned a rally against Islamophobe Racism in front of the French embassy on 8 November. Officially this was justified by “danger for public order and security”.


Soon it became clear that it was so much the police itself but rather the Minister for Interior Nehammer and his former partners in government, the right-wing extremist FPÖ, which had initiated the ban. The Kronen Zeitung, one of the most influential tabloids in Austria, quoted the Minister for Interior: „Further investigations have resulted in the ban of the rally. This was the only possible decision. There must be no space for the ideology of Islamism.“ It is intolerable after the brutal attack in Vienna on Monday that a group of extremists can make a demonstration, says Nehammer. “We do not allow that our free democracy, fundamental rights and our right to assemble are abused.” (, our translation)


This shows that the ban had nothing to do with any „danger“ emerging from the demonstration. It was rather caused by the determination of the Kurz government and its right-wing extremist former coalition partners to suppress political views which they deeply hate.


The RKO LIBERATION supported the planned rally against Islamophobe Racism und strongly protests against the ban!


Characteristically, on the very same day the former spokesperson of the anti-Islam and anti-migrant PEGIDA movement in Vienna, Georg Immanuel Nagel, was allowed to drive through Vienna with police protection (!) while playing tapes with gun shots, call to prayer of the muezzin and slogans against “Islamization”. (


All this demonstrates that freedom of speech exists in Austria – as well as in France – only for the supporters of Islamophobe Racism and hate-mongering journals like Charlie Hebdo. But for those who protest against such Islamophobe Racism, freedom of speech does not exist.


Let us call things by their name: the fanatic rabble-rouser against Muslims sit in the government and in the parliament!


In fact, behind the ban of the rally against Islamophobe Racism is the political decision of the government to join Macron‘s crusade against the Muslim world.


1) The so-called „fight against Islamist extremism” shall justify the oppression of Muslim migrants in Europe.


2) It should also legitimze the sanctions and the policy of aggression against Turkey.


3) Furthermore, it shall justify a stronger participation of Austria in imperialist military interventions. (Hardly recognized by the public, Austria’s army is deployed in Mali since 2013 as is the notorious French Foreign Legion!)


The RKO LIBERATION calls all those to join forces who are ready to defend democratic fundamental rights and who reject Islamophobe Racism and its fanatic supporters in government and parliament. Europe’s governments did already start attacking democratic fundamental rights under the pretext of COVID-19. Now we see the next step towards creating an authoritarian state! (Characteristically, the predecessor of Nehammers’ party was the same which created the austro-fascist corporative state in 1934-38!)


We must confront these developments together – Muslims and Non-Muslims!




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