Marxism, the European Union and Brexit


The L5I and the European Union: A Right Turn away from Marxism

The recent change in the L5I’s position towards the support for EU membership represents a shift away from its own tradition, of the Marxist method, and of the facts.


By Michael Pröbsting, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), August 2016,

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I. The New Viewpoint of the L5I to the European Union and the Issue of EU Membership

II. The Position of the RCIT and Our Tradition in the LRCI/L5I

III. The Essence of the Matter: A Question of the Form of Imperialist State Organization

IV. The Justification of the L5I’s Turn to the Right – Our Refutation

a) Is It True that the Fate of the EU is Beneficial for the Development of the Productive Forces?

b) Is It True that the Fate of the EU is Beneficial for the Situation of Migrants?

c) Is It True that the Fate of the EU is Beneficial for Internationalist Consciousness and the International Struggle of the Working Class?

d) What Should the Attitude of Revolutionaries Be towards EU-Membership for Semi-Colonial Countries?

e) Is It True that Trotsky Advised the Working Class to Favor Remaining in an Imperialist Pan-European Confederation?

V. What are the Consequences of the Political Turn to the Right of the L5I on the EU Issue?

VI. The Theoretical Foundations of the Political Right-Wing Turn of L5I

a) Opportunistic Belief in the Potential for Progress of Decaying Capitalism – a Break with Lenin's Theory of Imperialism

Excurse: The Marxist Classics on the Internationalization of the Productive Forces in the Imperialist Epoch

b) Economist Reinterpretation of Questions of the Political Class Struggle: the Question of the Nature of the EU

c) Economist Reinterpretation of Questions of the Political Class Struggle: the Question of the Tactics of Revolutionary Defeatism

d) Europe-Centeredness with Social-Imperialist Consequences






The League for the Fifth International (L5I) has undergone a remarkable political change, manifested in its position on the EU referendum in Britain in June 2016. Towards that vote – in a dramatic reversal of its position promulgated for decades – the L5I called for socialists to vote in favor of Britain remaining in the EU. The title of the call it published leaves absolutely no doubt that the L5I now considers a vote for a country’s remaining in the imperialist EU beneficial for the struggle for socialism: "The UK EU Referendum – Vote Yes and fight for a socialist united states of Europe". [1]


In contrast to this shift, the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) continues to uphold the position which the L5I has taken ever since the mid-1970s: in any referendum on membership of an imperialist nation-state in the European Union, revolutionaries will neither vote for nor against membership in the EU. This is because both options represent only different manifestations of the imperialist state, and thus can only serve the interests of rival factions of monopoly capital. [2]


Instead, revolutionaries must, as always, raise the banner of the political independence of the working class. Therefore, on the issue of any such a referendum, we adopt a revolutionary defeatist attitude – that is, we reject both camps as qualitatively similar reactionary and imperialistic, and consequently abstain from voting in the referendum.


Again, in absolute contrast to the L5I, the RCIT continues to uphold this authentically revolutionary position even today. The RCIT is an international organization with militants in 11 countries, whose founding cadres were either bureaucratically expelled in 2011 by the majority of L5I leadership or resigned their membership in the latter organization. [3] These founding cadres participated in the elaboration and defense of the traditional position of the L5I for, some for decades, and now proudly and tenaciously continue this tradition, whereas since 2011 the L5I has shifted from Marxism towards centrism. [4]


It is therefore only logical that the L5I today publicly attacks the RCIT and other forces that defend a position of class independence in the question of national membership in the EU. [5]


In the past, we have had frequent opportunity to discuss the issue of the EU and the tactics of revolutionaries. Often, we have criticized the attitude of centrist opponents. However, in general these documents were primarily directed to those organizations which advocated national-centered tactics in support of exiting from the EU. Consequently, we have devoted far less space to the arguments of proponents of EU membership, seeing how, outside social democracy, there are few leftist groups that actually support the central project of the European bourgeoisie. Unfortunately, the L5I has now joined this small, exclusive circle.


We have already published a preliminary article on the L5I’s rightward turn towards the EU in German. [6] The following document is the translation to English of another, more elaborated document also originally written in German. [7] It reveals in detail how the L5I most egregiously broke with its own tradition, with the facts, and with the Marxist method. This shift to the right is based on a conscious abandonment of fundamental tenets of authentically Marxist theory and includes:


* An opportunistic and economistic optimism about the progressive potential of decaying capitalism,


* An historical pessimism about the revolutionary potential of the working class,


* And a break with Lenin's theory of imperialism.


As we shall elaborate, this theoretical crisis of the L5I in turn justified, in the eyes of this organization’s leaders, their ostensibly sincere but essentially cynical adaptation to pro-EU social imperialism.


This fissure constitutes a perilous portal leading to a complete capitulation to social-imperialism. Such surrender is inevitable if the comrades of L5I do not reverse their policy, something which we in the RCIT appeal to them to do.




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