Korea: There Is No Peace Without Overthrowing Imperialism and the Rule of Capital! Peace through the Proletarian Socialist Revolution!


Down with South Korean imperialism! Down with Great Powers imperialism including the United States, China and Japan imperialism! Down with the imperialist monopoly bourgeoisie of South Korea, the United States, China and Japan!


Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communists of South Korea and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) on 8 March 2019, www.thecommunists.net


[The Korean-language version of the statement can be read here: https://www.thecommunists.net/home/%ED%95%9C%EA%B5%AD%EC%96%B4/joint-statement-on-south-korean-imperialism/; See also http://go.jinbo.net/commune/view.php?board=cool&id=51945&page=1]



1.             The recent summit between U.S. President Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has demonstrated once more that the Korean Peninsula is a key area of the contradictions of the current world situation. Under these condition, revolutionaries in Korea and internationally must take a joint and consistent stance against imperialism and for the proletarian class struggle.


2.             The Revolutionary Communists of South Korea and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) call socialists to oppose all forms of imperialist aggression against North Korea. We defend North Korea against all sanctions imposed by the United Nations as well as against all military threats by the imperialist Great Powers. In any case of aggression of South Korea, the U.S. or any other Great Power, we will call for the defense of North Korea and for the defeat of its imperialist opponent.


3.             We state that socialists have to recognize the fact that South Korea has become an imperialist state. Those who shirk this fact and attempt to mislead the working-class struggle by claiming that South Korea is a subordinate or a semi-colonial country and raising the task of the "National Liberation" (NL), in effect, are standing side by side with the imperialist bourgeoisie of South Korea. It is undoubtedly true that U.S. imperialism continues to exercise its superior political and military status in South Korea, and through the “South Korea-U.S. Alliance”, South Korean imperialism is bound up as a junior-partner of U.S. imperialism. (This is essentially no different from the case in Japan.) But this does not alter the fact that South Korea is an imperialist state. In other words, the monopoly capital of South Korea ('chaebol')' has gone all over the world and is super-exploiting semi-colonial countries. Likewise, the South Korean state is the executive committee of this imperialist monopoly bourgeoisie and the class domination instrument of the chaebols.


4.             The Revolutionary Communists of South Korea and the RCIT call socialists to fight against the evils of the fake anti-imperialist forces within the labor movement, who, speaking of "anti-imperialism!, anti-Americanism!" do not oppose the imperialist ruling class of their "own" country. We denounce the social-patriot and social-pacifist forces within the labor movement who, under the catchword of “peace on the Korean peninsula!”, induces workers to support the Moon Jae-in government of the capitalists. We say in the tradition of Lenin, Liebknecht and Luxemburg: “The main enemy is at home!” There is never peace between labor and capital! There is no peace without overthrowing the rule of capital!


5.             While we defend North Korea against imperialist aggression, we lend no political support to its leadership. Quite the opposite, the Revolutionary Communists of South Korea and the RCIT call the workers in North Korea to fight against the Stalinist-capitalist dictatorship of Kim Jong-un! The working class vanguard on the Korean Peninsula must fight against all imperialist and Stalinist rulers and for a unified Korean Workers' Republic!


6.             The revolutionaries should fight for a perspective of international class struggle against all imperialist Great Powers (U.S., China, Japan, Russia and EU) as well as against smaller imperialist states (like South Korea). It is urgent for the revolutionaries in Korea and around the world to build a revolutionary party! The revolutionaries should jointly fight for the creation of a new Revolutionary World Party!


* End the imperialist sanctions against North Korea now!


* Dissolution of the U.S. military bases in South Korea and withdrawal of 28,500 US soldiers stationed there! No deployment of the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea!


* Defend the right of North Korea to possess nuclear weapons!


* In any military conflict between the US, Japan or South Korea on one side and North Korea on the other: Defeat the imperialist forces and their allies and defend North Korea!


* No to Chinese and Russian imperialism!


* For class struggle against exploitation and oppression in both Koreas! Down with the imperialist ruling class in South Korea! Down with the Stalinist-Capitalist ruling class in North Korea!


* For the revolutionary unification of the Korean peninsula! For a Korean Workers' Republic!