Britain: Defend Socialists in the Labour Party Threatened With Expulsion!

Statement by Supporters of the RCIT Britain, 21 October 2015, and


Numerous supporters of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour party are being threatened with expulsion from the party. A letter from “Member Services” has been sent to many members which reads “Name of member.  You have been auto-excluded from membership of the Labour Party”.

These progressive activists are being expelled because of their political beliefs. The bureaucracy in the Labour party is determined to rid itself of any pro socialist or anti-austerity elements within the party.

The Blairites in the Labour party now that Corbyn has been elected are out to purge the Labour party of his supporters. During the election for leader campaign they managed to prevent many of his supporters mostly young and new to politics from voting in in the election.

The majority of the parliamentary Labour party have supported pro-austerity policies advocated by Cameron and Osborne. On the welfare reform proposals they abstained and the majority of the PLP support the bombing of Syria and are for imperialist war. Corbyn and a few Labour MP’s oppose this policy but Corbyn remains a hostage to the Blairite wing in the Labour party.

The RCIT in Britain, inspite of political differences with some of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters, calls for the widest support to defend those expelled members.

The RCIT Britain puts forward the following demands:

* There must be a united front of all socialists and revolutionaries to defeat these expulsions. A conference must be called to organise the widest support from people inside and outside the Labour party.

* To ask all Constituency Labour Parties and affiliated organisations to pass motions of support and lobby the National Executive Committee to rescind these expulsions and reinstate these members. A full apology must be given to all members facing expulsions.

* To ask Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell and other Labour MP’s to support this campaign and use their influence to ensure that all expelled members are reinstated back into the Labour Party.