2018 Afrikan Liberation Day: Forward to the United Socialist States of Africa!


Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), Alkebulan School of Black Studies (Kenya), Revolutionary Socialist League (Zambia), Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria), 25 May 2018




On the anniversary of the Afrikan Liberation Day, we send our warmest greetings to all activists fighting for the liberation of the continent from the scourge of imperialism and capitalism!


We take note of:


* The African continent is still enslaved by the imperialist Great Powers (U.S, Europe, China, etc.). Hence the independence of the African countries is only a formal one and they remain semi-colonies of the imperialist masters.


* The African working class and the poor masses are still exploited by the U.S., European, and Chinese monopolies as well as by the small domestic black capitalist class. The latter usually collaborate closely with the imperialists and act as their servants.


* Various so-called “Pan-Africanist” and “socialist” parties and leaders have painted themselves as advocates of African liberation. But, in fact, they are servants of imperialism and the domestic capitalist class (e.g. the ANC and the “Communist” Party in South Africa, SWAPO in Namibia).


Confirming the general line of the RCIT’s “Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa”(https://www.thecommunists.net/theory/manifesto-for-the-revolutionary-liberation-of-black-africa/), we state:


* The struggle against capitalism and imperialism in Africa and globally remains highly relevant today!


* Africa can only be liberated and united if all imperialist powers (U.S., Western Europe, China, Russia, etc.) are driven out of the continent and if the local capitalist elite are overthrown.


* This can only be achieved if the working class and the oppressed unite in the struggle for a socialist revolution.


* Such a socialist revolution can only succeed if it is lead by a revolutionary party which exists both nationally as well as internationally.


We jointly commit our forces in order to advance the construction of such a revolutionary party – in Africa as well as internationally!


Forward to the socialist revolution! For the United Socialist States of Africa!




The undersigned organizations


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Zambia, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Tunisia, Israel / Occupied Palestine, Brazil, Mexico, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Britain, Germany, and Austria), www.thecommunists.net


Alkebulan School of Black Studies (Kenya), sympathizing section of the RCIT, https://www.facebook.com/alkebulanschool/


Revolutionary Socialist League (Zambian Section of the RCIT), http://www.thecommunists.net/


Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria), https://m.facebook.com/pacorenaissance/?ref=bookmarks


Déclaration de la Courante Communiste Révolutionnaire Internationale (CCRI), Alkebulan School of Black Studies (Kenya), Revolutionary Socialist League (Zambie), Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria), 25 mai 2018




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