Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation

The Tasks of the Liberation Struggle against Decaying Capitalism

Manifesto for the Socialist Revolution of the Workers and Oppressed

Adopted by the 1st Congress of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), October 2016,

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IV.          A Program for Socialist Revolution to Halt Humanity’s Collapse into Barbarism

Defense of Democratic Rights! Down with Bonapartism, Monarchies and Dictatorships! 

Down with Austerity, Precarity and Privatization! Against the Great Powers’ “Free Trade Agreements”! 

Land to the Peasants! No to Land Grabbing by the Multinational Corporations!

The Struggle of Oppressed Peoples against Imperialist Aggression

Militarism and Inter-Imperialist Rivalry between the Great Powers 

The Defense of Minorities against National Oppression

The Struggle to End Violence against Women

Capitalism and Climate Change 

Workers’ and Poor Peasant Government versus “Left-Wing Government”

Towards the Expropriation of the Bourgeoisie – For Socialist Revolution!

VII.        The Semi-Colonial South

The Middle East and North Africa

Latin AmericaAsia

Sub-Sahara Africa


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Manifiesto por la Liberación Revolucionaria (The RCIT-Manifesto in Spanish language)


 (The RCIT-Manifesto in Arabic language)  بيان من أجل التحرير الثوري

Manifeste pour la Libération Révolutionnaire (The RCIT-Manifesto in French language)


Manifesto Para a Libertaçao Revolucionária (The RCIT-Manifesto in Portuguese language)


Manifest für Revolutionäre Befreiung (The RCIT-Manifesto in German language)


Manifesti për Çlirimin Revolucionare (The RCIT-Manifesto in Albanian language)


המניספט המהפכני לשחרור האנושות מהקפיטליזם (The RCIT-Manifesto in Hebrew language)