Compilation of Articles on the U.S. Defeat in Afghanistan


Afghanistan: The Rats Are Fleeing!

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Afghanistan: The Meaning of the Anti-Imperialist Victory and the Perspectives Ahead (Questions and Answers)

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[PAMPHLET] Afghanistan: Understanding (and Misunderstanding) the Taliban

Class Contradictions, Women’s Oppression and Anti-Imperialist Resistance

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[PAMPHLET] Afghanistan and the Left: Closet Social-Imperialism

A critique of reformist and centrist forces which are outraged about the Taliban’s victory against the U.S. occupation

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Afghanistan and the humiliating defeat of the Imperial Eagle

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Yanquis bombardean Afganistán, e IS moviliza contra el Talibán


Nigeria: Boko Haram vs Taliban


Kabul, segunda gran derrota yanqui: ¡Buena noticia para sus colonias!


The Fake Trotskyists and the War in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan: The Hypocrisy of Western Imperialism


Afghanistan: Another Proof of the Decline of U.S. Imperialism

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Afganistán, un antes y un después en la situación mundial


Declaración Defensorías de Géneros: Afganistán: que no vuelvan el imperialismo y en defensa de sus mujeres


Cayó Kabul, derrota estratégica del imperialismo yanqui


Afghanistan: Good Riddance, Yankees!

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Afghanistan: A Successful Strike against the US Occupation


Afghanistan: Drive the US Occupants Out!


Compilation of Articles on the US/NATO Attack on Afghanistan in 2001

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