May Day 2021: Under the Shadow of the COVID-19 Counterrevolution

A Report (with Pictures and Videos) by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 2 May 2021,


In many countries around the world, May Day this year was characterized by the COVID-19 Counterrevolution, i.e. the counterrevolutionary offensive of the ruling class under the pretext of the pandemic. [1]


This capitalist offensive – a gigantic attack against the social and economic gains as well as against the democratic rights of the working class and the oppressed – is assisted by the reformist and populist bureaucracy within the workers and popular mass organizations. Even large sectors of the so-called “radical left” support the main features of this counterrevolutionary offensive – the Lockdown policy, banning of mass demonstrations and assemblies etc.


These developments are no accident. As capitalism as a system faces its historical decay, so does the reformist and populist bureaucratic apparatus because it is organically linked to this system. In response to its deep crisis, the bureaucracy retreats and boycotts spontaneous mass struggles. The “radical left” – including various pseudo-Trotskyists – follow this policy of retreat because they are organically linked to the bureaucratic apparatus. May Day this year demonstrated this policy of capitulation very clearly.


While reformism, Stalinism, left populism, and pseudo-Trotskyism retreat, the masses show that they are determined to fight back against the capitalist offensive. The popular uprising in Myanmar [2], the powerful peasants’ struggle in India [3], the general strike in Colombia [4], the mass protests in Chile, the ongoing Syrian Revolution fighting in the last trenches in Idlib [5] – all these are powerful signs of the militant spirit of the workers and oppressed!


It has been left to a small minority of authentic revolutionaries to swim against the stream of the treacherous reformist and centrist left. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and our Argentinean comrades of Convergencia Socialista are fighting hand in hand against the COVID-19 Counterrevolution and the capitulating Lockdown Left. Together we work towards the construction of a new, revolutionary leadership which can lead the masses towards victory against the bourgeoise and against the imperialist Great Powers (U.S., China, EU, Russia and Japan)!


It is in this spirit that CS and RCIT have issued a joint May Day statement which has been published in nine languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Russian, Korean, Turkish, and German). [6] We participated in May Day activities and distributed this statement in many countries all over the world.


Below are reports as well as many pictures and videos which we received from comrades in several countries.




The main alliance of “Trotskyist” parties in Argentina – FIT-U (consisting of four parties which are also the leading forces of their respective international tendencies: PTS/FT, PO/CRCI, IS/UIT and MST/LIS) – has traditionally organized May Day rallies with thousands of participants. However, they are all opportunistic supporters of the Lockdown policy. Consequently, they cancelled their May Day rally already last year and, again, this year. Such a retreat symbolizes very well the centrists’ policy of capitulation!


In contrast, the comrades of Convergencia Socialista – together with a few other groups – organized a May Day rally in Buenos Aires. Comrade Juan Giglio, a leader of CS, addressed the rally. In his speech, he denounced the capitulation of the Lockdown Left and emphasized the importance to build a new leadership to organize the struggle for socialism. [7] The RCIT had sent May Day greetings which were read out at the rally. [8]




In Mexico, thousands of workers and oppressed from different trade unions, popular sectors and revolutionary organizations went to the streets in defense of their social, economic and democratic rights and against the neoliberal reforms.


Our comrades from Agrupación de Lucha Socialista (RCIT Section in Mexico) distributed the leaflet with the joint CS-RCIT May Day statement and marched with the contingent of the militant teacher’s union CNTE.




About 1000 people participated in a May Day rally in downtown Sao Paulo. The demonstration was organized by the PCO and was attended by rank-and-file sectors of the PT, movements in defense of housing, street vendors, LOI, POR, etc.


Comrades of Corrente Comunista Revolucionária (RCIT Section in Brazil) participated in the rally and distributed our joint statement. Comrade Joao Evangelista, a leading member of CCR, was invited to deliver a speech in which he denounced the lockdown as a tool for the rich to became even more rich. He forcefully attacked the disastrous health policy for which not only Bolsonaro but the whole bourgeoisie is responsible!




Comrades from the Revolutionary Socialist League (an organization with which the RCIT has fraternal relations) organized protest actions in the poor districts of Nairobi. They initiated an impressive campaign around a series of slogan like the immediate lifting of the lockdown, an end of police killings, an end of feminicide, provision of clear water and decent housing, etc.


South Korea


May Day in South Korea is a prime example of the treacherous retreat of the reformist bureaucracy. In the past the leadership of the KCTU – a militant trade union which has been globally known for organizing massive strikes and occupations of factories – organized May Day rallies with 50,000 or more participants. This year, however, they organized a rally in Seoul, the capital city, with … 500 participants! It was the smallest May Day rally ever!


A positive highlight of May Day in South Korea has been another rally in solidarity with the popular uprising in Myanmar Uprising Solidarity. Comrades of the RCIT Section in South Korea participated in this rally and stated our support for the heroic liberation struggle of the workers and oppressed in Myanmar. Although the number of workers participating in the rally was small, it has been a politically highly significant event. Until now, the leadership of the KCTU has not even expressed its position on the Myanmar uprising under the pretext of internal differences. And the Stalinist “National Liberation” current - - strongly influential in the Korean left – has denounced the popular uprising as a “conspiracy organized by U.S. imperialism”. [9]




Like in other countries, the traditional demonstrations on May Day organized by the trade unions were small. Here too, the bureaucracy used the pandemic as a pretext to sabotage the May Day mobilizations. However, in the evening, up to 30,000 people, mostly youth, demonstrated in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Leipzig. The police tried to implement the general curfew (supposedly because of the pandemic) with brutal violence, resulting in numerous clashes and street battles.


Comrades of the RCIT Germany participated in the rally in Kassel, distributed our joint May Day statement and sold newspaper (despite the ban on such activities imposed by the bureaucracy – again under the pretext of the pandemic).




Similar to many other countries, the social democratic party in Austria cancelled their traditional May Day demonstrations. Usually, up to 100,000 people are marching on this day in the center of Vienna. This year, the party leadership shamefully replaced the demonstration by a … digital event! As a result, only small rallies and demonstrations took place.


Comrades of the Revolutionär-Kommunistische Organisation BEFREIUNG (Austrian Section of the RCIT) participated in these events and distributed the joint May Day statement. Comrade Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, spoke at a rally. In his speech he denounced the capitulation of the social democratic party under the pretext of the pandemic and called for the mobilization of mass struggles against the capitalist offensive.




About 500-600 people participated in a rally on 3 May in Chesterfield. Similar to some other countries (like Greece) the May Day rally was held this year on Monday. The rally was organized by the local TUC. Branches from various local trade unions were present with banners like UNITE, ASLEF, GMB, National Education Union, Royal College of Nursing (who led the march), Justice for Orgreave Miners as well as a number of environmental groups.

Comrades from the RCIT Britain participated in the rally and handed out over 100 leaflets with our joint May Day statement with Convergencia Socialista (Argentina). The RCIT monthly magazines were also sold and the response on the Streets was encouraging as various people agreed with our statements.





[1] The RCIT has analysed the COVID-19 counterrevolution extensively since its beginning. Starting from 2 February 2020 we have published more than 80 pamphlets, essays, articles and statements plus a book which are all compiled at a special sub-page on our website: In particular we refer readers to the RCIT Manifesto: COVID-19: A Cover for a Major Global Counterrevolutionary Offensive. We are at a turning point in the world situation as the ruling classes provoke a war-like atmosphere in order to legitimize the build-up of chauvinist state-bonapartist regimes, 21 March 2020, In addition, we draw attention to our book by Michael Pröbsting: The COVID-19 Global Counterrevolution: What It Is and How to Fight It. A Marxist analysis and strategy for the revolutionary struggle, RCIT Books, April 2020, See also our very first article on this issue by Almedina Gunić: Coronavirus: "I am not a Virus"... but WE will be the Cure! The chauvinist campaign behind the “Wuhan Coronavirus” hysteria and the revolutionary answer, 2 February 2020,; Michael Pröbsting: The Second Wave of the COVID-19 Counterrevolution. On the ruling class strategy in the current conjuncture, its inner contradictions and the perspectives of the workers and popular resistance, 20 July 2020,; by the same author: The Police and Surveillance State in the Post-Lockdown Phase. A global review of the ruling class’s plans of expanding the bonapartist state machinery amidst the COVID-19 crisis, 21 May 2020,; COVID-19: The Great Barrington Declaration is indeed Great! Numerous medical scientists protest against the reactionary lockdown policy, 11 October 2020,; Michael Pröbsting: COVID-19: The Current and Historical Roots of Bourgeois Lockdown “Socialism”. Police State and Universal Basic Income are key elements of the new version of reformist “War Socialism” of 1914, 19 December 2020,

[2] We have published a number of documents of the RCIT on the military coup in Myanmar which are compiled on a special sub-page on our website:

[3] See e.g. RCIT: India: Victory to the “Dilli Chalo” Uprising! Poor peasants are waging the largest struggle in modern history against the reactionary BJP government, 22.12.2020,

[4] See e.g. from the CS comrades Tito Vitali: Primero Chile, ahora Colombia, la llama de la rebelión sigue prendida

el abril 29, 2021,

[5] The RCIT has published numerous documents and reports on the Syrian Revolution:

[6] See Joint Statement of CS and RCIT: No to the Lockdown Policy! 20 April 2021,

[7] See also several reports published by CS on their May Day Rally. Discurso de CS en el Acto del 1 de Mayo Plaza Constitución,; Exitoso acto callejero del 1M convocando al Argentinazo,; Claudio Colombo: 1M y la izquierda que cambio Plaza de Mayo por la virtualidad,

[8] See RCIT Greetings to Socialist May Day Rally in Buenos Aires. Socialists in Argentina and all over the World Should Join Forces to Fight against the Capitalist Lockdown Policy! 27 April 2021, resp.


Report in Korean language:



South Korea





2021년 메이데이: 코로나19 반혁명의 그늘에 가려



혁명적 공산주의인터내셔널 동맹 (RCIT) 리포트, 2021 5 2,, (




세계 많은 나라에서 공통적으로 올해 메이데이는 코로나19 반혁명의 그늘에 가려버린 것을 특징으로 한다. 코로나 팬데믹을 구실로 지배계급의 반혁명적 공세가 세계노동절까지도 잡아먹어버린 것이다.[1]


노동자계급 · 피억압 인민의 민주적 권리와 사회적·경제적 성과물에 대한 대대적인 공격을 필두로 자본주의 반혁명 공세가 한편에서 대중조직 개량주의 관료의 도움으로 더욱 거침없이 우리 머리 위에 퍼부어지고 있다. 이것을 2021 메이데이가 다시 확인시켜주고 있다. 노동운동 사민주의·민족주의 세력뿐만 아니라 많은 급진좌파 부분들까지도 록다운 봉쇄와 집회·시위 금지 반혁명 공세의 주요 고리들을 지지하고 있다.


이러한 사태전개는 우연이 아니다. 하나의 생산양식으로서 자본주의 체제가 역사적인 쇠퇴·사멸에 직면함에 따라, 체제에 유기적으로 연결되어 있는 개량주의 관료기구도 마찬가지로 쇠퇴·사멸 위기를 맞고 있는 것이다. 관료는 자신의 깊은 위기에 대한 대응으로 뒷걸음질 치고 후퇴하며 자발적인 대중투쟁을 보이콧한다. “급진좌파 관료기구와 유기적으로 연결되어 있어 후퇴의 뒷걸음질을 좇는다. 올해 메이데이는 이러한 투항 정책을 매우 분명하게 보여주었다.


개량주의, 스탈린주의적 민족주의, 좌파민중주의, “급진좌파 뒤돌아 서서 후퇴하는 동안 대중은 자본주의 공세에 물러서지 않고 맞서 싸우겠다는 의지를 보이고 있다. 미얀마의 민중항쟁[2], 인도의 강력한 농민투쟁[3], 콜롬비아의 총파업[4], 칠레의 대규모 시위, 이들리브의 마지막 참호에서 싸우고 있는 현재 진행 중인 시리아 혁명[5], 모든 투쟁이 노동자·피억압자의의 투쟁 정신을 증명하는 강력한 징표들이다!


시류를 거스르기! 부르주아지 진영으로 탈주하고 있는 계급협조 개량주의·중도주의 흐름을 거슬러 헤엄치는 것이 진정한 혁명가 소수파에게 맡겨진 임무다. 혁명적 공산주의인터내셔널 동맹(RCIT) 우리의 아르헨티나 사회주의통합당(CS) 동지들은 맞잡고 코로나19 반혁명 여기에 투항하는 록다운 지지 좌파와 싸우고 있다. 우리는 함께 부르주아지에 맞서, 그리고 제국주의 강대국 (, , EU, , ) 맞서 대중을 승리로 이끌 있는 혁명적 지도부 건설을 향해 어깨 걸고 전진하고 있다! [아래 아르헨티나 메이데이 집회에 드리는 RCIT 인사 참조]


CS RCIT 9 언어(영어·스페인어·포르투갈어·아랍어·프랑스어·러시아어·한국어·터키어·독일어) 발표한 메이데이 공동성명을 함께 것도 이런 정신에서다.[6] 우리는 세계 많은 나라에서 메이데이 활동에 참가하여 성명을 배포했다. (한국어 성명 참조


다음은 각국의 동지들로부터 받은 리포트와 사진, 동영상이다. (링크 참조:




* * * * * *






RCIT 부에노스 아이레스의 사회주의 메이데이 집회에 드리는 인사


2021 4 27,




혁명적 공산주의인터내셔널 동맹 (RCIT) 형제자매 동지들의 메이데이에 가장 따뜻한 인사를 보냅니다!


노동자계급 해방투쟁의 역사적인 메이데이를 자본주의 록다운 조건 하에서 맞이한 아르헨티나뿐만 아니라 세계에서 이미 번째가 됐습니다.


우리는 우리의 사회주의통합당(CS) 동지들과 함께 록다운 봉쇄를 코로나19 글로벌 반혁명으로 규탄하는 바입니다.


세계 지배계급들이 팬데믹을 일차적으로 보건 문제로 접근하고 있지 않다는 것은 분명합니다. 자본가국가와 부르주아지는 코로나19 사태를 자신들 이익을 위해 교묘히 이용해먹고 있습니다. 저들은 자본주의 세계대공황의 고통을 떠넘기는 것에 맞서 대중이 저항하는 것을 막기 위해 기본적인 민주적 권리들을 공격하고 봉쇄령과 통행금지령 아래 가둬 노동자·민중의 원자화·무력화를 획책하고 있습니다.


나아가 대기업 제약산업, 온라인판매, 바이오 테크놀로지, 보안 업체 등을 필두로 모든 대기업들 팬데믹을 이용하여 막대한 이윤을 거두고 있습니다.


우리 맑스주의자들은 2020 2 이래로, 코로나19 반혁명은 단기적인 에피소드가 아니라 지배계급의 장기적인 반동 공세를 담고 있는 것이라고 경고했습니다.


이른바 좌익 정당들 거의 모두 스탈린주의자, 볼리바르주의자, 마오주의자, 그리고 사이비 "트로트스키주의자" 이러한 공세에 굴복했다는 것은 역사적인 수치입니다!


지금 우리가 보는 것은 사민주의가 제국주의 '조국' 깃발을 들고서 대중이 세계대전에 항의하는 것을 막았던 1914 ()배신의 반복입니다. 오늘 다시 대다수 "좌익" 부르주아 "국민 통합" 정책의 핵심 요소들을 지지하고 있습니다.


자본가 정부와 부르주아 언론의 언사들을 앵무새처럼 되뇌고 있는 좌익들은 팬데믹이 지난 수십 년간의 다른 전염병들보다 질적으로 다른 위협이며, 사람들은 서로 격리되어 집에 있어야 하며, 상점, 문화·스포츠 시설들은 문을 닫아야 하며, 집회·시위는 금지되어야 한다는 생각을 공유하고 있습니다.


우리는 우리의 사회주의통합당(CS) 동지들과 함께 모든 진정한 사회주의자들에게 힘을 합쳐 사회주의혁명 세계당 건설에 함께 것을 호소합니다!


* 자본주의 록다운 봉쇄에 반대하는 민중투쟁을 지지하자!


* 모든 제국주의 강대국 (, EU, , , ) 반대하자! 국제 노동자계급의 독자화, 독자 입장을 위하여!


* 글로벌 계급투쟁과 민중항쟁에 연대를! 칠레 시위, 흑인목숨도 소중하다 시위, 팔레스타인, 시리아, 레바논, 이라크, 아프가니스탄에서 미얀마까지!


* 노동자 국제주의 만세! 세계 사회주의혁명 만세!