Save the Syrian Revolution!


A call for international solidarity with the Syrian people in Idlib suffering from the barbarous onslaught by Assad and Putin!


Emergency Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 04 June 2019,




1.             The Syrian people in the last liberated enclave in the northwest of Syria are facing a barbarous onslaught by the armed forces under the command of Assad and Putin! Since April 30th, this population has experienced a never-ending barrage of bombing and brutal assaults. Whole villages are being eradicated. Over one thousand people have died and at least 300,000 people have been displaced. The Russian Air Force is deliberately targeting hospitals with precision weapons and has already destroyed 24 of them within the last four weeks. The heroic Syrian liberation fighters have managed, at great sacrifice, to halt the advance of the Assadist killer forces despite the military superiority of the latter.


2.             No one should suffer any illusions concerning the present conflict. The decisive battle is now engaged! The Syrian Revolution is fighting for its survival! It is forced to do this under the most difficult conditions.


* The Syrian Revolution faces an array of barbarous enemies: the murderous Assad regime that has already murdered in excess of 600,000 people since 2011 in an effort to safeguard its survival; Russian imperialism which possesses one of the world’s most lethal military machines; and the Mullah regime of Teheran with a notorious record of killing tens of thousands of opponents since coming to power in 1979.


* The Syrian Revolution has been sold out by the Western powers and the reactionary Arab dictatorships. While expressing words of sympathy for the Syrian people, the imperialist governments of Trump, Macron and Merkel care only about the pacification of the civil war via a counter-revolutionary settlement and stemming the tide of millions of refugees. Egypt’s Killer-General Sisi, Saudi chainsaw Crown Prince MBS, the UAE’s MBZ, and others are already working to reconcile with the tyrant Assad.


* For more than two years, various factions of Syrian rebels have been lead around by the nose via the false and treacherous “Astana process” in which Russia, Iran and Turkey promised a “political solution”. In fact, this has always been a counter-revolutionary trap designed to push the rebels into capitulation (as happened in Ghouta and Daraa).


* Completing the process, the Syrian Revolution faces the outright hostility of the Stalinist and Bolivarian forces that support Russian imperialism and its ally, Assad, under the cynical cover of “anti-imperialism” (in reality, anti-American, pro-Russian social-imperialism). At the same time, numerous petty-bourgeois, left-liberal, and left-wing forces ignore the ongoing liberation struggle of the Syrian people, concealing their Islamophobic contempt under pseudo-progressive phrases.


3.             The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) strongly welcomes the active solidarity of various socialist, democratic, and Muslim organizations with the Syrian Revolution. The rallies around the world drawing the attention of global public opinion to the struggle of the heroic fighters, the humanitarian relief operations conducted by numerous Turkish and Muslim organizations, the reporting from the frontlines in Idlib by courageous journalists like Bilal Abdul Kareem (“On the Ground News”) – all of these are important contributions of support to the Syrian liberation war.


4.             The RCIT calls on workers and popular organizations everywhere to unite in organizing a global solidarity campaign in defense of the Syrian Revolution. We propose that such an international united front campaign should focus on the following:


* Organization of global days of solidarity action.


* Obstruction of all efforts to support and legitimize the Assad regime.


* Stepped up pressure on governments, especially in Europe, to open borders for refugees.


* Support efforts for humanitarian aid for the civilian population in Idlib.


* Support for the legitimate right of Syrian liberation fighters to acquire material aid (including weapons and volunteers) to defend themselves against the barbarous onslaught by Assad and Putin.


* Organization of a political struggle against the pro-Assadist and Islamophobic criminal forces that are slandering the struggle of the Syrian people for their freedom.


Brothers and sisters, we appeal to you not to abandon the Syrian people in this most difficult hour! Rally now to defend the Syrian Revolution!




International Secretariat of the RCIT




* * * * *




The RCIT has published a number of booklets, statements, and articles on the Syrian Revolution that can be accessed on a special sub-section of this website: