Austria: Successful Conference of Red*REVOLUTION and Greetings to Revolutionaries around the World

Report by the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RCIT Section in Austria), 21.12.2013, and


Red*REVOLUTION, youth organization affiliated to the Austrian RCIT Section, hold its conference on 19th and 20th December. The conference took place after five weeks of massive campaigning and organizing of two school student strikes against attacks on education rights. As we reported Red*REVOLUTION had a very successful intervention in the mass movement and played a leading role in it. (1)

As a result the youth organization could win many new members – nearly all of them between 14 and 16 years old – from the 13 different schools. These comrades succeeded to build committees of action on a number of schools in Vienna. It was its biggest conference since the movement was founded 14 years ago (initially under the name REVOLUTION).

In this context we point out that the centrist groups (CWI, IMT and Workers Power/LFI) had joined forces to call a school student strike on 18.12. without any serious preparation and roots. They hoped to gain something from the mass movement after they ignored it for several weeks and after the unsuccessfully joined forces with the social democratic youth group during the mass demonstration on 12.12. to bureaucratically sideline Red*REVOLUTION. However their “school student strike” ended in embarrassment. At the assembly point no more than 100-150 activists of CWI, IMT and Workers Power/LFI and some school students turned up. This was a fifth of the people which Red*REVOLUTION alone had mobilized on 6th December! The centrist organizers decided to end the farce and called off the demonstration. Red*REVOLUTION refused to participate in this ridiculous “strike” and had warned in advance against this stupid maneuver which could only put risk on the school student activists given the repression by the school administration. In a public statement we characterized it as a “phantom school student strike” which only demonstrated that CWI, IMT and Workers Power/LFI have no roots amongst the school students. (2)

The conference received greetings from RCIT sections and activists including a video message from TIGRE, the youth group affiliated to the ISL (RCIT Section in Occupied Palestine/Israel). It also received greetings from revolutionary organizations and activists in South Africa, Zimbabwe, USA, New Zealand and Australia. It also heard a short speech of the RCIT’s International Secretary.

The conference discussed and adopted three resolutions. One of them elaborated the perspective how to continue the struggle against the attacks on education rights and the need to link it with the fight back against the whole offensive of the capitalist class against the workers and oppressed. A second resolution elaborated the need to fight capitalism and orientation of the youth organization towards building amongst the working class youth and the oppressed. The third statement expressed greetings to revolutionaries around the world and emphasized the determination of Red*REVOLUTION to work closely with the Austrian RCIT section. The three resolutions will be published in German language soon. (Below you find a translation of the third resolution.)

At the end of the conference, delegates elected a new leadership of 9 comrades which reflected the massively increased membership. In addition the conference also elected a representative of Red*REVOLUTION who will participate at the leadership meetings of the Austrian RCIT Section. Four of these 10 leading comrades are women and half are migrant youth. We look forward to continue the successful work of Red*REVOLUTION and the Austrian RCIT section in 2014!


* * *


Revolutionary Greetings to All Oppressed and Exploited of the World!

Statement of the Red*REVOLUTION Conference, 19th and 20th December 2013,


Red*REVOLUTION is a youth organization which is independent of all parties in parliament. Our goal is to build a revolutionary youth movement which fights shoulder to shoulder with the working class struggles against capitalism and against any attack on us. We want to build a revolutionary youth movement which primarily comes from the ranks of the working class.

All existing parties can not and will not support our revolutionary program. We therefore also dedicate our forces to build of a new revolutionary party of the workers and oppressed (including us as young people) not only for Austria but worldwide.

In this spirit our conference sends revolutionary greetings to all workers and oppressed of the world!

We send our greetings to the Revolutionary Communist Tendency International (RCIT), our partner in struggle, and their sections in each country! We come from the same tradition and fight as political brothers and sisters for building a strong revolutionary movement!

We therefore call our comrades of the RCIT to support our project to build a militant revolutionary youth movement. The goal of Red*REVOLUTION is the construction of an international revolutionary youth organization!

This means that we ask the RCIT via its Austrian section (Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION, RKOB) to support in the coming years the building of a politically affiliated and organizationally independent youth organization. Together we can build a strong, militant revolutionary youth movement! Together we can achieve in the coming years the formation of a revolutionary party of the exploited and oppressed of the world!



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(2) RED*REVOLUTION: Der Phantom-Schulstreik am 18.12. oder wie man den Begriff des „Schulstreiks“ lächerlich macht, 19.12.2013