France: Brief Statement on the Attacks in Paris


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls on socialists not to give any support to the pro-imperialist mobilizations organized by the French government, the EU bosses and the bourgeois media.

We oppose the attacks on the journal Charlie Hebdo as counter-productive, since they offer the ruling classes in France and the EU a pretext for the militarization of the society and an intensification of their imperialist wars and the oppression of migrants.

We say that the main enemy is French imperialism which is waging wars in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa.

We reject to consider the attacks journal Charlie Hebdo as an attack on “freedom of expression”. Charlie Hebdo participated – with its racist and humiliating cartoons against the religious beliefs of Muslims – as an ideological force in the imperialist war against Muslim peoples.

The RCIT will publish an elaborated statement in the next 24 hours.


8.1.2015, International Secretariat of the RCIT