In this section we publish articles, statements and documents from other organizations and activists who are not affiliated with the RCIT and who, therefore, do not necessarily share our programmatic outlook. This section is intended as a forum for the spread of ideas and information as well as one which encourages debate between forces which view themselves as part of the liberation movement of the workers and oppressed. We invite other organizations and activists to send us contributions for this section. Naturally the Editorial Board reserves the right to decide on the final acceptance or rejection of any submitted piece.


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The position of MGKP on presidential elections in Russia in 2018


Interview with the U.S. Socialist John Reimann


John Reimann: Speech on Solidarity with Syrian & Iranian Working Class


RWG Zimbabwe: Preliminary Statement on Military Takeover


Interview with Russian Marxists: Imperialism, Authoritarian Regime and the Left in Russia


Interview: “Ghana’s Leaders are all Puppets of the IMF, World Bank and other imperialist organisation”


Sankara’s Legacy: 30 Years on, Africa still needs More Upright Men!!!


Remembering Nkrumah’s 108th: The Pan-African Socialist Who Never Dies!


Interview avec Quatrieme Voie/Il Est Temps (République démocratique du Congo)


Interview: Zambia is a Neo-Colonial Capitalist State Dominated by Foreign Great Powers


ELA Zambia: ISON Workers Reject 7% Salary Increment: It’s a Mockery, Unrealistic and Unacceptable


UN Report: Israel Has Established an 'Apartheid Regime'