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Statement of Greek Socialists against the imperialist EU (with a Preface of the RCIT)


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Statement of Greek Socialists against the imperialist EU

Preface of the RCIT


Below we republish a statement which we did receive from the New Left Current (NAR), one of the largest organizations of the radical left in Greece with a number of deputies in regional and municipal assemblies. The statement outlines an intransigent opposition against the European Union (EU) and correctly denounces it as an imperialist institution.


Hence, the comrades advocate that countries should break with the EU and leave it: “The only way out in defense of the people’s rights in Europe is the struggle against the EU, the break and disengagement from it from an anticapitalist, class and internationalist perspective. It is impossible to have an anti-capitalist perspective without challenging the EU and European capitalist integration.


The RCIT and its predecessor organization have always opposed the EU as an imperialist institution which can not be reformed in the interest of the working class. (1). This is particularly true in the current phase where the biggest European powers – France and Germany – want to utilise the EU to create a pan-European Great Power which could independently confront other imperialist powers like China, Russia or even the U.S. (2)


Likewise, we consider the EU also as an imperialist instrument to subjugate semi-colonial countries in Europe. Greece is a case in point for such a capitalist semi-colonial country which suffered from the reactionary austerity policy which the EU enforced on the country in the past one and a half decades. (3).


Concerning tactics about EU membership, we differentiate between imperialist and semi-colonial countries. In the case of the latter – like Greece –, we support a rupture since an exit from EU membership means more political independence from imperialism and, hence, better conditions for the working class and the oppressed to fight. (4)


However, things are different in the case of imperialist states. Of course, we do not share the reformist approach which considers EU membership as “progress” or as a “lesser evil”. (5) At the same time, we also oppose any illusion that national imperialism would be something superior to pan-European imperialism. Hence, we did not support the pro-Brexit position which many of the British left adopted in 2016. In imperialist countries, we advocate a “neither-nor” position in referenda about joining resp. leaving the EU. This is the only valid position to advocate a working-class position which is independent of EU as well as of national imperialism. (6)


The most important task in the struggle against capitalist austerity and imperialist aggression – in imperialist as well as in semi-colonial countries – is the international class struggle across the borders. This is the key to advance the struggle to overthrow the ruling class and to build the United Socialist States of Europe!






1) See for example our essay by Michael Pröbsting: The Reformist Pipe Dream of a “Socialist” European Union. Is A Socialist Transformation of the Imperialist EU Possible? A Marxist Analysis on the L5I’s Latest Opportunistic Adaptation to Labour Reformism, 01.10.2018,


2) See on this e.g. RCIT: European Imperialism: A Shift towards Armament and Militarisation, 4 May 2024,


3) See on this e.g. our book by Michael Pröbsting: Greece: A Modern Semi-Colony. The Contradictory Development of Greek Capitalism, Its Failed Attempts to Become a Minor Imperialist Power, and Its Present Situation as an Advanced Semi-Colonial Country with Some Specific Features, November 2015,


4) See on this e.g. RKOB: The European Union and the issue of the accession of semi-colonial countries, 14.10.2012,


5) Michael Pröbsting: Marxism, the European Union and Brexit. The L5I and the European Union: A Right Turn away from Marxism. The recent change in the L5I’s position towards the support for EU membership represents a shift away from its own tradition, of the Marxist method, and of the facts; August 2016, in: Revolutionary Communist No. 55,


6) See on this e.g. Michael Pröbsting: The British Left and the EU-Referendum: The Many Faces of pro-UK or pro-EU Social-Imperialism. An analysis of the left’s failure to fight for an independent, internationalist and socialist stance both against British as well as European imperialism, Revolutionary Communism Nr. 40, August 2015;



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The common struggle of people to defend their rights relate to the rupture with the EU and the dissolution of it


“I know it sounds devastating, especially for the younger generation, but we have to get used to the fact that a new era has begun: the pre-war era”


“We must be defence-ready and shift to a “war economy” mode


Political officials of the EU are preparing to make the workers and the youth "cannon fodder" to save European capitalism from its crisis. The imperialist antagonisms are an implication of the capitalist crisis, which has not been resolved and has intensified the capital competitions at all levels. The dramatic developments in Ukraine and the Middle East have already a decisive impact on the lives of workers.  The EU and all its member states increase their military budget. EU's military strategy in Ukraine but also in Africa and the Middle East leads to dangerous militarization and rise of nationalism, strengthening of the bourgeois state especially in its repressive forms.


The working class in Europe, the youth, the great majority of the farmers have already experienced for decades the adverse impacts of the EU:


-The EU was never the “peoples’ home”. By contrast, it is the leading power of the exploitation, the destruction of working rights, the submission of every public good to the “market”.  It promotes privatization as well as flexible labor. The common agricultural policy and the subsidies led to the destruction of small and medium farmers.


-The EU does not guarantee the peace. It is an imperialist mechanism. It participates and backs all the invasions that have destroyed whole countries and have led to millions of refugees, in the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Agfhanistan, former Yugoslavia and Africa.


-The EU does not include “equal partners”. It deepens the inequalities among countries and converts the peripheral economies to zones of cheap labour and hyper-exploitation, while shrinking and deregulating several sectors of production.


– The EU is not “humanitarian”. It implements deeply racist policies creating Fortress-Europe in the Aegean, the Mediterranean Sea, Melilla. It assigns agreements to make massive deportations and pushbacks of displaced people, leading to thousand deaths.


-The EU does not attempt to “solve the issue of the public debt”.