EU Leaders Praise Egypt’s Military Dictatorship


Imperialist Europe Aims for Close Collaboration with General Sisi’s Regime to Stop People Fleeing War and Misery. This is an Alliance of Robbers and Killers!


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 21.09.2018,




Leaders of the European Union have agreed to enter talks with Egypt’s military dictatorship in order to get its support for stopping people fleeing war and misery in Africa and the Middle East.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose country currently holds the EU's rotating presidency, announced the plan for "in-depth cooperation" with Cairo on 20 September at an informal EU summit in Salzburg, Austria.


Kurz said: "Egypt and the North African countries can be important partners for us in preventing ships heading to Europe and after their rescue being brought back, in other words to the countries of transit. (...) Only in this way can we reduce illegal migration, can we destroy the business model of the smugglers, and stop drownings in the Mediterranean. (...) "We've got to ensure that as few people as possible leave northern African countries for Europe. If they do, the situation should be dealt with as close to the African coast as possible."


The Austrian Chancellor also praised the regime of General Sisi: “Egypt is efficient. Egypt has served as an example when it comes to illegal migration and people smuggling.


This announcement came after Kurz and EU Council President Donald Tusk visited Cairo over the weekend for talks with Egypt’s dictator. Tusk also confirmed plans to hold an EU-Arab League summit in Cairo next February. (1)


According to the Wall Street Journal, the following pillars for an agreement between the EU and General Sisi were discussed. “Egypt [would] step up its policing of coastal waters and divert refugees intercepted on the Mediterranean Sea to the North–African country, according to officials involved. In exchange, the EU would offer Egypt substantial investments and other financial incentives as well as diplomatic accolades, including high-profile visits to Cairo by European heads of governments.” (2)




An Alliance of Robbers and Killers




Such praise of EU leaders for the Egyptian dictatorship is both shocking and telling. The regime of General Sisi is well-known for its bloody repression against any form of opposition. After it came to power via a coup d'etat on 3 July 2013, it started arresting and killing its opponents. A few weeks later, on 14 August, the military slaughtered up to 2.600 demonstrators on Rabaa Square in Cairo on a single day! (3) Today, nearly 80,000 people are vegetating in prison, many of them under regular torture. (4)


In other words, Austrian Chancellor Kurz “is right”: Egypt has indeed become a pretty efficient dictatorship!


As shocking as the EU’s praise for General Sisi and his regime is, it does not come as a surprise! General Sisi has received massive political, economic as well as military support from all imperialist Great Powers. The U.S., the European Union, Russia and China have expressed their support for the bloody dictatorship from the very first day after the successful coup d'etat.


This shows once more how hallow and hypocritical all the Western phrases about “human rights” and “democracy” are and always have been! For the imperialists, these slogans are nothing but a weapon against forces which are not compatible with their interests. However, if a dictator serves the political, economic or military interests of the Great Powers, they quickly forget about “human rights” and “democracy”.


This hypocrisy results in the following bizarre situation: all Great Powers as well as the United Nations denounce the Syrian liberation fighters in Idlib or numerous Egyptian opposition activists as “terrorists” while, at the same time, they give bloody dictatorships like that of General Sisi the red-carpet treatment!


Of course, this alliance of the EU and Egypt’s dictator is based on substantial joint interests. The Great Powers feared the Arab Revolution from the first days of its beginning in January 2011. They need “stability” in the region in order to exploit it’s abundantly resources as well as to control key strategic transport routes for capitalist world trade (like the Suez Canal in the case of Egypt).


Furthermore, the European imperialists need the Arab dictatorships in order to stop African and Arab migrants from fleeing their countries which are suffering from wars and misery. Before 2011, the imperialists didn’t have to worry. Gaddafi, Mubarak, Assad and others made sure that very few migrants were able to reach Europe. For their service, these dictators were, of course, rewarded with substantial payments from European governments (as they are planning now to do again). However, this system collapsed when the people began to bring down these dictatorships by their revolutionary uprisings. (5)


In return, the Arab dictators receive substantial financial assistance, foreign investments, weapons, etc. In short, the European corporations and governments as well as the Arab dictators need each other and support each other. It is an alliance of robbers and killers!




The Revolutionary Answer




The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) reaffirms its unconditional support for the Egyptian people resisting against the military dictatorship of General Sisi. (6)


The popular struggle in Egypt is part of the ongoing Arab Revolution which finds its expression also in the ongoing Syrian liberation struggle in Idlib, the Palestinian Intifada as well as the Yemeni resistance against the Saudi invasion. We condemn the military intervention of the U.S., Russian and European imperialists in Syria (7), Iraq (8), Libya (9), Afghanistan (10) and other countries.


Likewise, the RCIT opposes the imperialist fortress Europe. (11) Open the borders to refugees! Defend Muslim migrants against Islamophobic racism! For a united front of mass organizations of the workers’ and migrants’ movements to drive racist and fascist forces from the streets! We call for equal rights for migrants! Equal wages and full citizenship rights! Equality for migrants and national minorities’ languages in education and public administration! For a public works program with jobs for all refugees and all unemployed native workers!


It is necessary to unite the liberation struggles in the individual countries in the Middle East: For a single Intifada from Idlib to Jerusalem, Basra, Cairo and Teheran!


Furthermore, we must bring together the struggle against racism and Islamophobia in the EU and Russia with the liberation struggles against the dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa!


This is what the RCIT is fighting for! This is why we need a Revolutionary World Party!








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