Collection of Articles on the 2019 Corona Virus

2019 Corona Virus: Oppose the Global Wave of Chauvinist Hysteria!

Workers and oppressed: Do not trust the ruling class and its media!

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Almedina Gunić: The chauvinist campaign behind the “Wuhan Coronavirus” hysteria & the revolutionary answer

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2019 Corona Virus: No to the Anti-Chinese Chauvinism in South Korea!

Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communists (RCIT Section in South Korea) and the International Bureau of the RCIT

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2019 Corona Virus: The Hypocrisy of Anti-Chinese Chauvinism in the West


Almedina Gunic: 2019-nCoV and the Virus of Chauvinism. A comparison with measles and the reactionary Anti-Vaxx campaigners