Compilation of all RCIT Documents on the COVID-19 Crisis


NEW BOOK: The COVID-19 Global Counterrevolution - What It Is and How to Fight It

A Marxist analysis and strategy for the revolutionary struggle

A book by Michael Pröbsting, April 2020

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MANIFESTO: COVID-19: A Cover for a Major Global Counterrevolutionary Offensive (21.3.2020)

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Joint Statement of CS and RCIT: No to the Lockdown Policy!

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MANIFESTO: “Green Pass” & Compulsory Vaccinations: A New Stage in the COVID Counterrevolution

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Open Letter on COVID-19 Crisis: Act Now because History is Happening Now! (26.3.2020)

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Joint Statement: The COVID-19 Counterrevolution and the Betrayal of the Lockdown Left (June 2020)

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2019 Corona Virus: Oppose the Global Wave of Chauvinist Hysteria! (5.2.2020)

Workers and oppressed: Do not trust the ruling class and its media!

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Health Program on COVID-19 (April 2020)

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PAMPHLET: COVID-19: The Current and Historical Roots of Bourgeois Lockdown “Socialism”

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A New Study on Excess Mortality in the Period of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Bourgeois Mainstream Press Reports: “Police Seize on COVID-19 Tech to Expand Global Surveillance"

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The Toll of the COVID Counterrevolution on Children’s Health

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COVID-19: What Did Authentic Marxists Say about China’s Lockdown Policy in Spring 2020?

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What to Learn from the Popular Rebellion against Lockdowns & Zero-COVID in China? (Open Letter to LIT-CI)

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Protests against “Zero COVID” in China: An Embarrassment for the Lockdown Left

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China Protests: The Anti-Lockdown Program of the University Students in Beijing

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China: Popular Rebellion against Lockdowns and “Zero COVID"

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On Some Ideological Features of the COVID Counterrevolution

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COVID Counterrevolution: They Declare Victory…and Retreat. Have We Won already?

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COVID Counterrevolution and Fertility Rate (Comparing China and Sweden)


[VIDEO] Statement on the COVID Counterrevolution (Juan Garberi, Argentina)


COVID-19: Excess Mortality and Mass Vaccination in Europe … and Some Unpleasant Facts

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PAMPHLET: The Second Wave of the COVID-19 Counterrevolution


“Omicron”: A Pretext for Exacerbated Attacks of the COVID Counterrevolution

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China’s Demographic Development and the Zero COVID Policy

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A Marxist approach to the international mobilizations against the authoritarian health restrictions

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The Dangerously Irrational Mass Vaccination Campaign for Children


[VIDEO] COVID Policy and Resistance: Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab News Channel INFOGRAT

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Green Pass Rule: We Workers are not Police Officers! Stop the Raids in the Shops!

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COVID: The Global Elite is Worried! (On the latest edition of the WEF’s “Global Risks Report”)


COVID: “Lockdowns Aren’t A Public Health Policy” (A leading British epidemiologist against the lockdown policy)


COVID: “Health Pass and Surveillance Technologies Will Stay for Many Years"

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Argentina: Successful Public Meeting with Scientists on COVID Policy


Nigeria: COVID Apartheid and the Second Wave of the COVID Counterrevolution


Scotland: Sturgeon Government Imposes more Bonapartist Restrictions on People attending Events


Britain: COVID Passports and Mandatory Vaccinations are now in force


Austria: Where Were the Masses? Failure of rally in support of government's COVID policy


The “Government Trotskyists” SLP/ISA participated in a rally supporting the government’s COVID policy


Cholera not Omicron should be the major concern for Public Health in Nigeria!


EU: “We will use the Health Pass also after the Pandemic”

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How Does the Capitalist Pandemic Policy Affect the Income? Judge Yourself

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COVID-19: An Austrian Government Adviser on Compulsory Vaccination


“Omicron”: The Panic Spread by the Bourgeoisie

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Nigeria: Down with all Restrictions on Unvaccinated Workers!

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COVID and the Lockdown Left: Calling for a “Strong State”


COVID-19: Another Shameful Advocacy of Reactionary Lockdown Policy by “Socialists"

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A Shameful Slander of Popular Mass Protests


Martinique & Guadeloupe: A First Victory against the COVID Counterrevolution!

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Martinique & Guadeloupe: General Strike and Popular Uprising against the COVID Counterrevolution!

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Vienna: Gigantic Mass Mobilization against Compulsory COVID-Vaccinations and Lockdowns

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Austria: Lockdown and Compulsory Vaccinations are the Road to Police State & Apartheid

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Leaflet: Equal Rights for All! Against Lockdown and Forced Vaccinations! Against Police State and Apartheid!

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Why Refuse Some Socialists to Support the Struggle against the “Green Pass”? (PTS/FT, PSTU/LIT, IMT & PCL)

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Green Pass in Italy: International Dockworkers Council Supports the Struggle of the Port Workers!

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Austria: Pseudo-Trotskyists Call for a 3-Week Total Lockdown


Italy: Dockers Prepare for Strike against the Green Pass!

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General Strike in Italy on 11 October: An Important Step Forward!

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Österreich: Nieder mit dem Lockdown für Ungeimpfte!


Afghanistan, Health Pass and the End of Bourgeois Democracy

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COVID-19 Counterrevolution in Australia: Boots on the Ground

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COVID-19: The Capitalist Anti-Pandemic Policy Kills More People than the Pandemic Itself

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Interesting Assessments of the Global Class Struggle by a Bourgeois Think Tank

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COVID-19: The Demystification of the so-called “deadly virus”

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Argentina: Socialists Organize Artistic Protests against Lockdown Policy


Argentina: Socialist Rally in Buenos Aires against the Lockdown

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In Argentina and all over the World: Down with the Capitalist Lockdown Policy! // Revolucionarios de varios países apoyan acto contra toque de queda en CABA


“ZeroCOVID” Left Calls for the Authoritarian State – A Practical Example

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Mass Vaccination Can Make You Rich…at least if you own a pharmaceutical corporation!

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Occupied Palestine: A criminal negligence, willful blindness or another planned crime?


Mr. and Mrs. Lockdown Left: We Told You So!


COVID-19: An Opportunity Too Good to Be Missed by the Lords of Wealth and Money (Part 2)


End SARS: Where Petty Bourgeois Activists and Influencers Fail, The Masses Must Continue!


COVID-19: “A Market of up to 23 Billion US-Dollar”


The RCIT on COVID-19: One Year Ago. The first anniversary of the beginning of the Marxists’ struggle against the capitalist counterrevolution taking place under the cover of the pandemic

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COVID-19: An Impressive Mass Demonstration in Austria Despite Police Ban

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Video-Statements on the Anti-Lockdown Demonstration in Austria (31.1.2021)

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Anti-Curfew Protests in the Netherlands: The People are Right to Rebel!

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COVID-19: Sweden's Total Mortality in 2020 Compared with Past Years

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COVID-19: A Comparison of Historical Data

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COVID-19: An Opportunity Too Good to Be Missed by the Lords of Wealth and Money (Part 1)


COVID-19: That Was A Damn Good Year for the Billionaires in West and East


COVID-19: Some Interesting Facts (Which Governments & Media Conceal)


COVID-19: Zero Socialism in the “ZeroCOVID“ campaign


COVID-19: How Severe is the Pandemic in Sweden Really?


COVID-19: The Fear of the Ruling Class “To Lose Control”


How the Ruling Class Prepared for COVID-19

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COVID-19: Revealing Figures from Sweden


Air Pollution Kills Half a Million Babies Every Year … But Who Cares, it is not COVID-19!


COVID-19: Watch Your Back, Lockdown Gangsters!


Confirmation by the Class Enemy (IMF Report on Global Class Struggle and COVID-19 Crisis)


COVID-19: The Great Barrington Declaration is indeed Great!


Report on Zoom Meeting (with Video): Africa, COVID-19 and the Crisis of Neoliberalism


Joint Platform: YES to Jobs, Food and Health! NO to Lockdown, State Repression and Poverty! (June 2020)


Joint Statement: For a people-based approach to the COVID-19 Crisis! Down with State Repression! (April 2020)


The Police and Surveillance State in the Post-Lockdown Phase


COVID-19: Madrid’s Workers and Poor Protest against the Reactionary Lockdown Regime!

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Israel: Draconian Law Against the Right to Demonstrate


Israel: What is behind a Second Lockdown?


Lockdown Left says: “Cops Need to Enforce Laws


Nigeria: Support the NARD strike!


Report (with Pictures and Video): Kenyan People Protest against Police Brutality


First African Revolutionary and Progressive Organisations Meeting on COVID-Crisis (9.5.2020)

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Brazil: Social-Bonapartism of the Lockdown Left in Practice

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COVID-19: The U.S. and the New Cold War


“Big Brother” in China: The “Personal Health Index” App


Escalating Cold War between the Great Powers amid the COVID-19 Crisis


Slavery, Colonialism, Imperialism, Military Rule, Plagues...and COVID-19 in Nigeria


Britain: Boris Johnson Government is the most incompetent in dealing with COVID-19 in Europe


Down With The Iron Curtain Of Hunger! Open Up Nigeria! Mass Testing Is The Key!


When Ultra-Leftism marries Social-Bonapartism and Gives Birth to “Post-Marxist” Obscurantism (On CWG/ILTT)


Social-Bonapartism in Argentina: Altamira's Partido Obrero (Tendencia) supports the State of Emergency


COVID-19 Crisis: Internal Document Reveals Austrian Government Plan to Spread Fear


Yossi Schwartz: The Close-Down Policy is killing


ALS: La única solución para los trabajadores es prepararnos para la revolución socialista


Manfred Meier: Deutschland: Die Corona-Krise wird benutzt, damit der Staat mit Notverordnungen regiert


Almedina Gunić: No, most likely it is not COVID-19 that is going to kill you

English    Français    Português 


COVID-19 Crisis: When Bourgeois Sources Reveal the Truth

English   한국어   


Almedina Gunic: Domestic Violence and the COVID-19 Lockdown


Almedina Gunic: COVID-19 and the cruel Double Standard of Imperialism


China: Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Hubei!

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COVID-19 Crisis in Nigeria: State Repression and the Left




Nigeria: Against State Repression! (Statement from RSV, Sympathising Section of the RCIT in Nigeria)


Situation in Zimbabwe During the Corona Virus Pandemic Outbreak (Report from RCIT Correspondent)


Nigeria: Oppose the Lock Downs! (Statement from RSV, Sympathising Section of the RCIT in Nigeria)


Joint Statement: Condemnation of the State Repression in Mombasa (Kenya)


Britain: COVID-19 is a Cover for State Repression and for Attacks on Democratic Rights

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Open Letter to FIT-U: For an International Conference on the Struggle against the Global Capitalist Crisis!

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Argentina: No to Repression and Militarization under the Cover of COVID-19!

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Almedina Gunić: How could WHO and World Bank exactly predict COVID-19?

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3.4 Trillion Reasons (An ILO study on the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis for the international working class)


COVID-19 and the Lockdown Left: The Example of PODEMOS and Stalinism in Spain


Michael Pröbsting: No, the Corona Virus is not the Main Cause of the Global Economic Slump!


Almedina Gunić: The chauvinist campaign behind the “Wuhan Coronavirus” hysteria & the revolutionary answer

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Michael Pröbsting: Ex-IMF Advisor: “Corona Virus Crisis is also an Opportunity”


2019 Corona Virus: No to the Anti-Chinese Chauvinism in South Korea!

Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communists (RCIT Section in South Korea) and the International Bureau of the RCIT

English   한국어  


Almedina Gunic: 2019-nCoV and the Virus of Chauvinism. A comparison with measles and the reactionary Anti-Vaxx campaigners


Yossi Schwartz: The 2019 Corona Virus and the Decay of Capitalism


Michael Pröbsting: 2019 Corona Virus: The Hypocrisy of Anti-Chinese Chauvinism in the West


La crisis Covid-19 y los trabajadores del sector salud en México


Österreich: Nein zum 2. Lockdown!


COVID-19: Nieder mit dem Ausnahmezustand in Österreich!

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