Africa: COVID-19 and the Crisis of Neoliberalism


Report (with Video) on a Zoom Meeting on 7 October 2020, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT),




The Revolutionary Socialist League (sympathising section of the RCIT in Kenya) and the Thomas Sankara Political School organised an international Zoom meeting on 7 October. The meeting was characterised by a highly interesting discussion about the COVID-19 crisis and the decay of Neoliberalism. The meeting was addressed by several speakers including Almedina Gunić and Michael Pröbsting who represented the International Bureau of the RCIT. The meeting was chaired by comrade Maureen Kasaku.


Below is the link to the video of meeting which lasted for two hours.


(Note: For technical reasons only the last part of the comrade Pröbsting’s first contribution can be viewed.)