Egypt’s Former President Morsi Dies during Brutal Incarceration


The barbarous military dictatorship of General Sisi and its allies in West and East bear the full responsibility!


A Commentary by Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 20.06.2019,




Egypt’s former President, Mohamed Morsi, has died on 17 June. His death came after appearing in the show trial conducted by the military dictatorship of General Sisi. Sisi’s regime came to power six years ago. Contrary to the wishes of his family, as well as Egyptian tradition, Morsi was hastily buried in the middle of the night with only two of his sons present and without his wife.


We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends. There can be no doubt: this was cold-blood murder! Morsi had a history of health issues including diabetes and liver and kidney disease. He had suffered from medical neglect during his imprisonment compounded by the poor conditions in jail. There have been various reports over the years that Morsi suffered from mistreatment and torture while incarcerated. Throughout his six years of imprisonment Morsi was allowed only three visits from his family!


Without doubt, Morsi will be considered a martyr by hundreds of millions of Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.


Morsi was Egypt’s President in 2012-13. He was elected at the first, and only, free election in the country’s history. He was a leading figure of the Freedom and Justice Party which has been close to al-Ikhwan – the Muslim Brotherhood. Our movement has always made clear the profound political and ideological differences between revolutionary socialism and both Morsi and al-Ikhwan. We considered the man and his party as bourgeois Islamist.


However, these differences have never stopped us from defending Morsi and al-Ikhwan against the military coup and the barbarous repression that they have faced since the 3 July 2013.


It is clear that the Great Powers, the Gulf tyrants and Israel were determined to get rid of the Morsi government because of its sympathies for the Syrian Revolution, for the Palestinian people and for its opposition to the dominant position of the army command in Egypt’s politics.


The RCIT has supported the mass protests against the military dictatorship of General Sisi since the very first day. This regime has thrown at least 63.000 people in prison. Sisi also ordered his military to slaughter up to 2,600 demonstrators on a single day – the 14 August 2013!


It is telling that General Sisi is considered a reliable ally by the ultra-reactionary monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as well as by the U.S., the European Union and Russia. Hence, these states have continued to support the dictatorship with huge financial and military aid packages.


Socialists and democrats, righteous Muslims and non-Muslims, will mourn the death of Morsi. No doubt, the sycophants of the tyrants and the accomplices of the Great Powers are cheering the death of Morsi. However, their time will come. When it does, the oppressed peoples will rise up and smash their rule!




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