Terror in Brussels: The War comes Home

Daesh-Terror is the Result of Imperialist Terror! Oppose any State of Emergency and Repression against Muslim Peoples in Europe!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 23.03.2016, www.thecommunists.net


1.             On 22 March members of Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) committed heinous terror attacks at the Brussels’ Zaventem Airport and at a metro station in the heart of the city. In the despicable attacks 34 persons were killed and another 198 were injured. This happened only three days after the Belgium authorities had congratulated themselves for arresting Salah Abdeslam, the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks last November.


2.             The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) unequivocally condemns these attacks as utterly reactionary. Like the Paris attack, indiscriminate deadly violence was directed not against a military target but against ordinary civilians. The ruling class of the imperialist powers will use these attacks to justify and intensify its reactionary offensive against the oppressed peoples of the Middle East, as well as its repressive policies domestically targeting the working-class in general and Muslim migrants in particular.


3.             This attack clearly demonstrates yet again the reactionary character of Daesh/IS. This hateful organization wages war mainly against oppressed people, not against imperialism or reactionary regimes. The RCIT repeats that it is the task of the workers and peasants organized in popular militias to wage the struggle against Daesh/IS. Workers and the oppressed must oppose any actions by the Great Powers and their allied butchers, like Assad, since it is the imperialists and their dogs who are the biggest terrorists of all, and they are cynically using the struggle against “terrorism” only as a pretext to advance their own interests. We say: Fight Daesh by fighting its causes – the exploitation and wars of the Great Powers and their crony dictators in the Middle East!


4.             France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls, a particularly right-wing social democrat, announced after the events in Brussels: "We are at war. We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war." It is true that the ruling classes of Europe – as well as those of all the other Great Powers – are at war. They are and have been at war against the oppressed peoples in the Middle East for a very long time with the aim of exploiting the region’s abundance of natural resources. For these ends the US, Russia, France, and Britain continue to bomb the people of Syria, Iraq, and Libya daily. For these ends they support and closely cooperate with the dictatorships in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies. Add to this the ongoing terror and ethnic cleansing being conducted by the Apartheid State of Israel against the Palestinian people. As a result of all these military campaigns hundreds of thousands of persons have died during recent years and millions have become refugees. The vast majority of people live in utter misery. It is the brutal aggression of the Great Powers and their allied dictatorships which drive more and more people to despair and to supporting reactionary gangs like Daesh/IS.


5.             In this light, the Brussels attack is hardly surprising. In fact, the RCIT predicted some months ago the repetition of terrorist attacks like the one in Paris. In our latest World Perspectives document we wrote: “The imperialist Great Powers will accelerate their military interventions in the semi-colonial world – first and foremost in North Africa and the Middle East – and collaborate more closely with reactionary dictatorships in order to pacify revolutionary popular uprisings. As a result, terrorist attacks will most likely increase too.


6.             The RCIT reemphasizes the absolute necessity for European workers, migrants and youth to unite in the struggle against racism, state oppression, and attacks on democratic and social rights. Furthermore, it is urgent that we mobilize in order to drive the Great Powers out of the Middle East. We also call upon the workers and oppressed to support the Arab Revolution against the dictatorships and the refugees of the Middle Eastern wars who wish to come to Europe.

* No to Daesh and its terrorist attacks!

* Against any “State of Emergency” regime and mobilization of the army in Belgium, France or any other European country!

* Fight racism and repression directed towards Muslim migrants in Europe!

* Drive the Great Powers out of the Middle East! Support the Resistance against the imperialist aggressors!

* Support the Arab Revolution against the region’s dictatorships!

* Open the Borders of Europe! Down with the EU’s Iron Wall against refugees!

* Forward in the building of a revolutionary World Party!


International Secretariat of the RCIT


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