Warmongering in the Middle East: Down with all Imperialist Great Powers and Capitalist Dictatorships!


Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), Alkebulan School of Black Studies (Kenya), Pacesetters Movement (Nigeria), Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria), Marxist Group ‘Class Politics’ (Russia), and Sınıf Savaşı (Turkey), 13 May 2018




1.             We take note of:


i.              The vicious oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli Apartheid state which already led to three wars against Gaza in the last ten years;


ii.            The never-ending warmongering of Israel against Iran;


iii.           The threats of U.S. imperialism against Iran which could escalate again as Trump pulled the U.S. out of the so-called “nuclear deal“ with Teheran;


iv.           The barbarous war of aggression by the capitalist Assad regime against the Syrian people, with the decisive support of Russian imperialism as well as the Teheran regime;


v.             The reactionary invasion of Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with the support of Western imperialism.


2.             Based on such an assessment we take an unambiguous stand in these conflicts. Confirming the general line of the joint May Day 2018 statement” (https://www.thecommunists.net/rcit/may-day-2018-joint-statement/), we state:


i.              Down with the imperialist war-mongering and aggression by the U.S., Russia, Israel, Britain, and France! Drive all Great Powers out of the Middle East! Likewise we condemn all aggressions by regional powers like Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.


ii.            In any conflict between imperialist powers – e.g. between the U.S. and Russia – we refuse to lend support to either side. We call for a defeatist stand on all sides based on the classic Marxist formula “The main enemy is at home!”


iii.           No to Zionism! Defeat Israel! Victory to the Palestinian People!


iv.           In all confrontations between Israel and Iran, we call for the military defeat of Israel and the defense of Iran despite our sharp rejection of the Iranian regime.


v.             We oppose all imperialist sanctions against Iran. However, we support the struggle of the Iranian workers and oppressed against the Teheran regime which already resulted in the mass uprising four month ago.


vi.           We support the ongoing liberation struggle of the Syrian workers and oppressed against the Assad regime and his Russian and Iranian masters. Likewise, we defend the Kurdish people’s right of national self-determination. At the same time, we reject any political support for the petty-bourgeois secular and Islamist forces at the leadership of the resistance.


vii.          We call for the defeat of the Saudi-led aggression and for the victory of the Yemeni popular resistance. However, we oppose any political support for the Houthis.


3.             We denounce all forces – even if they mistakenly call themselves “socialist” or “progressive” – which lend support to any imperialist power. Neither the Western Great Powers nor Russia or China are a “lesser” evil! They are all enemies of the international working class and oppressed people! Likewise we denounce all pseudo-“socialist” forces which refuse to support the just popular struggles against reactionary occupiers and dictatorships (e.g. in Syria, Palestine, Yemen).


4.             We call the workers and popular organizations around the world not to remain silent but to join us in the struggle against imperialism and capitalist dictatorships and for the liberation of the workers and oppressed!




The undersigned organizations


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Zambia, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Tunisia, Israel / Occupied Palestine, Brazil, Mexico, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Britain, Germany, and Austria), www.thecommunists.net


Alkebulan School of Black Studies (Kenya), https://www.facebook.com/alkebulanschool/


Pacesetters Movement (Nigeria), Facebook: PACESETTERS MOVEMENT OAU


Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria), https://m.facebook.com/pacorenaissance/?ref=bookmarks


Marxist Group ‘Class Politics’ (Russia), https://mgkp.github.io/


Sınıf Savaşı (Turkey), http://sinif-savasi.blogspot.com


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