Palestine and Zionism



The History of Oppression of the Palestinian People. A Critical Account of the Myths of Zionism


By Yossi Schwartz, Internationalist Socialist League (Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency in Israel / Occupied Palestine), April 2019,



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Part I




I. The Zionist Myths about the Jews


The Zionist Myth: Palestine belongs to “God’s chosen people”


The Patriarch Abraham


The Myth about Moses


King David


The People of the Second Temple




II. The Zionist Myth about the Palestinians


The UN Partition Plan in 1947


Genetic Evidence?




III. The Arabs Connection to Palestine


The Real History of Palestine


The Christians in Palestine


Palestine under the Moslems


The Crusaders


Palestine under the Ottomans




Part II




IV. Zionist Colonization


Zionism and British Imperialism


The 1929 Clashes




V. The Creation of Israel and the Expulsion of the Palestinians


The War of 1948


The Zionists Aim in the 1948 War


Stalinism supported Israel’s reactionary war in 1948


The Palestinian Refugees


The Jewish Refugees




VI. Israel as a Colonial Settler State and the Palestinians’ Resistance


The Military Regime


The War of 1956


The War of 1967


Why war?


Alone in the war?


The “Miracle”


The War of 1973




The Left Fronts


Land Day


The First Intifada


The Oslo Agreement


The Wars in Lebanon


The Occupation of 1967






VII. The Solution



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Table 1. Share of Palestinian vs. Jewish land ownership as of April 1st, 1943


Table 2. Population Growth in Palestine, 1922-1946


Table 3. Statistics: Total Casualties, Arab-Israeli Conflict


Table 4. Palestinians killed in the Occupied Territories (including East Jerusalem)


Table 5. Israelis killed in the Occupied Territories (including East Jerusalem)


Table 6. Palestinians within the Green Line


Table 7. Israelis killed within the Green Line






Map 1. British Promises of Arab Independence (1915)


Map 2. Arab Countries Occupied by Britain and France after World War One


Map 3. Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 - Present