Supporting Education of Women in Zambia


Report from the RCIT Zambia (with Videos), 24 September 2018,




Comrades of the RCIT Zambia visited the George Community School in the George Compound of Lusaka on 21 September. There are classes of women who are striving to learn English. Given the poor economic conditions, the schools often lack the most elementary material conditions. Often there exist only inadequate toilets, no running water and hardly any text books.


In order to improve the conditions for women to improve their education, comrade Ngombo Ngombo, a leader of the RCIT section in Zambia, and other comrades took the initiative to support the efforts of these women. They organized various education materials and brought it to the school.


Below are two video clips from the ceremony where comrade Ngombo Ngombo addressed the women and handed over education material.