Down with French Neo-Colonialism in West Africa!


Protest against the imperialist “Operation Barkhane” / “Coalition for the Sahel”!


Joint Statement of Anti-Imperialist and Socialist Organisations, 12 February 2020




1.             We, the undersigned organizations, protest against the decision of French President Emmanuel Macron and the leaders of Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger and Mauritania (the so-called “G5 states”) to intensify their so-called “fight against terrorism” in the region.


2.             Contrary to their claims, the so-called “Operation Barkhane” / “Coalition for the Sahel” does not serve the interests of the African people. The 4,700 French soldiers and their local proxies operate solely in order to secure the political and economic interests of French imperialism as well as of other Great Powers in the region and to keep the local ruling classes in power. In addition, the campaign shall stop refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea and entering Europe.


3.             We welcome the popular resistance in the region without necessarily sharing the ideology of the political organizations involved. We call for “Open Borders” and defend the right of people from the South to enter Europe. We call for an international solidarity campaign against the imperialist intervention in West Africa. Africa can only be free when the imperialist troops and monopolies are expelled and when the capitalist system will be replaced by a socialist society!


* Down with the Operation Barkhane /Coalition for the Sahel”! Expel all imperialist troops!


* Defeat the imperialist forces and their G5 lackeys! Victory to the popular resistance!


* No to the genocide against the people of Ambazonia by the Cameroon government, backed by French imperialism!


* Open the Borders – Refugees are welcome in Europe!


* For a united and socialist Africa free from imperialist oppression and capitalist exploitation – the only road to end poverty, homelessness and underdevelopment!




Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Britain, Germany and Austria),


Revolutionary Socialist League (Kenya),


Nyayo ya Mwafrika / African Footprints (Tanzania)


Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (Sympathising Section of the RCIT in Nigeria),


Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria),