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Venezuela: Maduro Agitates for the "Reconquest" of Essequibo


Argentina: The Elections and the Prospects for the Working Class


Balance Sheet of the Elections in Argentina


Argentina: Excellent Election Result for Trotskyists in Teacher Training Institute (19.10.2023)


Between fact and fiction: A critique of Mexico’s “Fourth Transformation"


Argentina: A Balance Sheet of the first Stage of the Electoral Process


Haiti: For Popular Resistance against the UN Military Intervention!


Mexico: Narco vs Morena in Guerrero – a False Dichotomy


Brazil: Lula Government's Tax Reform Could Make Working People Pay More Taxes


Mexico: The "Bottle Caps" and the Perspective of the 4T after AMLO


[VIDEO] Argentina: Mass Demonstrations in Support of the Workers and People of Jujuy (22.6.2023)


[VIDEO] Argentina: Mass Demonstrations at the Anniversary of the Military Coup (24.3.2023)


[VIDEO] Argentina: Gabriela Capurro Speaks at Teachers Trade Union Conference on Kicillof's Anti-Educational Reform (24.2.2023)


[VIDEO] Important march and act of support for the Peruvian people in Buenos Aires (9.2.2023)


[VIDEO] Rally in Solidarity with Mass Protests in Peru


[VIDEO] On the Mass Protests in Peru against the Boluarte Government


Lula Meets Lavrov and Xi – We Say: Neither Washington nor Moscow and Beijing!


Brazil: How should Revolutionaries Act against the Bolsonarista Mobilization?


Argentina: Rallies in Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Iran and Peru


Peru, Decadence and Political Crisis


Haiti: Down with the UN Military Intervention!


Brazil: Neither Lula, nor Bolsonaro in the 2nd Round of the Presidential elections


Hands Off Haiti!


Neither OAS nor UN on Haiti’s soil!


Brazil: Neither Bolsonaro, nor Lula!


Haiti: Down with the Henry Government!


Argentina: Militant Education Struggle at Instituto del Profesorado 103 in Buenos Aires


Ecuador: From the General Strike to the Popular Uprising!


Brazil: Assassination of PT Leader by a Bolsonaro’s Militant Supporter


Brazil: Punish the Killers of Bruno Pereira and Dom Philips


Argentina: Socialists organize Protest Rally in Education Sector in Buenos Aires


Costa Rica: Stop the Persecution of Carlos Andrés Pérez!


[VIDEO] Costa Rica: Stop the Persecution of Carlos Andrés Pérez!


Brazil: Brutal Murder of Congolese Migrant Moïse Kabagambe


NATO-Russia Conflict: “Trotskyists” in the Camp of Russian Imperialism (On the Argentinean “Partido Obrero”)


Venezuela: Free Jean Mendoza!


Cuba must not be a pawn of Russian imperialism


Argentina: Remember the “Argentinazo” – the Great Uprising 20 Years Ago!


Argentina: Successful Public Meeting with Scientists on COVID Policy


Argentina: Solidarity with Karen Marín & All Fighters against Women’s Oppression (Report + Pictures & Videos)


Martinique & Guadeloupe: A First Victory against the COVID Counterrevolution!


Martinique & Guadeloupe: General Strike and Popular Uprising against the COVID Counterrevolution!


Argentina: Revolutionaries at the Forefront of Women’s Struggles (Report with Pictures & Videos)


Brazil: Don’t Wait for Elections – Defeat the Bolsonaro Government on the Streets!


Is Cuba Socialist? Are the Current Popular Protests Legitimate? (Questions and Answers)


26 July: The Cuban Revolution is Dead! Long Live the Cuban Revolution!


Brazil: Bolsonaro fails in his call up for the extreme Right on Independence Day


Brazil: New Demonstration "Out Bolsonaro!" (24.7.2021)


Cuba and South Africa: Stalino-Capitalism in Action


Argentina: Denounce the Stalinists Threats against Gabriela Capurro!


Argentina: Rally in Front of the Cuban Embassy (20.7.2021)


Solidarity with Mass Protests in Cuba: Greetings to Socialist Rally in Argentina (20.7.2021)


Cuba: “Trotskyist” Auxiliaries of the Stalinist-Capitalist Regime


Cuba: Support the Popular Masses in Struggle – for a true Socialist Revolution!


Cuba: Solidarity with the Mass Protests against the Stalinist-Capitalist Regime!




Brazil: Mass Protest against Bolsonaro (20 June) // Enormes movilizaciones en Brasil contra Bolsonaro // INFORME SOBRE A GRANDE MANIFESTAÇÃO PELO "FORA BOLSONARO!" EM 19 DE JUNHO (19J)


Peru: The Meaning of Pedro Castillo’s Electoral Victory // Declaración Comité Enlace CCRI y CS sobre victoria de Castillo // 페루> 카스티요의 선거 승리 - 의미와 전망


Brazil: Mass Demonstration to Bring Down the Bolsonaro Government // Grandes movilizaciones contra Bolsonaro en Brasil // Brasil: O Slogan “Fora Bolsonaro!” finalmente ganhou massas e as ruas! A luta Precisa Continuar!


Argentina: Socialists Organize Artistic Protests against Lockdown Policy


Argentina: Defend Juan Carlos Giordano against Zionist Attacks!


Out with Duque and the Corrupt and Criminal Colombian regime!

Fuera Duque y el régimen corrupto y criminal colombiano!


Brazil: Military Police of Rio de Janeiro Executes 27 Residents in the Jacarezinho Favela

Polícia militar do Rio de Janeiro executa 27 pessoas na favela do Jacarezinho


Brazil: Another Major Crisis of the Bolsonaro Government Explodes


Paraguay: Down with the State Repression against Workers and Youth!


Brazil: Brutal Racist Murder of Joao Alberto Freitas


Mendoza (Argentina): Free all imprisoned militant workers! // ¡Libertad para trabajadores presos por luchar!


FIT (Argentina): A Scandalous Betrayal of the Heroic Palestinian Masses!


Brazil: Social-Bonapartism of the Lockdown Left in Practice


Mexico: Free Labor Rights Attorney Susana Prieto Terrazas!


Mexico: Stop Racism, Stop Impunity!




Free Sebastián Romero Now!


Brazil: Football Fans Organize Anti-Fascist Demonstrations


Brazil: Militaries explicitly threaten with a new military Coup d’État


Venezuela: A Failed Imperialist Plot


Social-Bonapartism in Argentina: Altamira's Partido Obrero (Tendencia) supports the State of Emergency


Argentina: No to Repression and Militarization under the Cover of COVID-19!




Migrant Caravan in Central America: Let them all in!


Bolivia: Defeat the Right-Wing Coup!


Ecuador: For a Popular Insurrection to Bring Down the Lenin Moreno Regime!


Ecuador: For an Indefinite General Strike against the Neoliberal Austerity Pack!


Brazil: Save the Amazon!


Brazil: Bolsonaro’s Auto-Putsch Failed!


Brazil: 1.5 Million Demonstrators in the Streets Resisting Bolsonaro’s Attacks


Attempted Coup D'etat in Venezuela: Defeat Guaidó and Trump!


Brazil: Organize a General Strike against Bolsonaro’s Pension Reform!


Brazil: Defeat the Pension Reforms of President Bolsonaro and Mayor Covas!


Brazil: The First Political Exile


Crisis in Venezuela: Impressions from the Ground


All support to the Venezuelan people against Imperialism and Right-Wing Forces!


Evo Morales Handed the Head of Cesari Batistti On the Plate to Matteo Salvini


Brazil: The Generals Place Bolsonaro as a Disposable President, if Necessary!


Central America / Mexico / U.S.: Solidarity with the Migrants’ Caravan!


Brazil: Scandalous Electoral Fraud Opens the Path to Return of a New Military Regime


Brazil: Supporters of Bolsonaro Attack and Kill Oppositional Activist


Brazil: Vote Haddad – Defeat Bolsonaro!


Brazil: The Shadow of the Military in the Putschist Regime!


Brazil: The Regime of Exception is a Short Step to Become an International Pariah!


Solidarity with Venezuelan Migrants!


Free Lula! Rally in Protest against the Coup d’Etat in Brazil


Nicaragua: International Solidarity with the Popular Uprising against the Ortega-Murillo Regime!


Brazil: Important Conference to Organize Resistance against the Coup


Argentina: Defend Rubén "Pollo" Sobrero against Repression!


Haiti: Popular Uprising overthrows Pro-IMF Government!


Brazil: Portrait of an Emergency Regime


Brazil: Truckers' Strike Put Michel Temer's Government against the Wall


Mexico: Protest against Brutal Torture of Son of Socialist Leader in Oaxaca


Brazil: The Emergency Regime Advances!


Brazil: São Paulo teachers and public workers strike against pension reform by right-wing Mayor


[VIDEO] Brazil: Solidarity with the Public Sector Workers Strike!


Mexico: Cultural-Political Event for Women’s Rights in Naucaplan




Brazil: Federal Intervention in Rio - A First Step towards Return of the Military?


Brazil: The Presidential Elections 2018 are controlled by the Judiciary and the Conservative Media!


Brazil: Under the permanent Shadow of a Military Coup


After the horrible Earthquake in Mexico: Fight against the incompetent Government!


Brazil: No to President Temer’s Decree Eliminating the RENCA Amazon Reserve!




Brazil: Out to the Streets to Bring Down the Temer Government!


Solidarity with the General Strike in French Guiana!


Brazil: Army troops in the streets as the Temer Government advances its attacks against the workers


Brazil: Fight against the recession and the proposed pension reform! Workers shouldn’t have to pay for the crisis they didn’t create!


The Present Realities in Venezuela


Mexico: Socialist Perspectives for the Mass Protests against the Gasolinazo