Latin America


Argentina: No to Repression and Militarization under the Cover of COVID-19!


Migrant Caravan in Central America: Let them all in!


Bolivia: Defeat the Right-Wing Coup!


Ecuador: For a Popular Insurrection to Bring Down the Lenin Moreno Regime!


Ecuador: For an Indefinite General Strike against the Neoliberal Austerity Pack!


Brazil: Save the Amazon!


Brazil: Bolsonaro’s Auto-Putsch Failed!


Brazil: 1.5 Million Demonstrators in the Streets Resisting Bolsonaro’s Attacks


Attempted Coup D'etat in Venezuela: Defeat Guaidó and Trump!


Brazil: Organize a General Strike against Bolsonaro’s Pension Reform!


Brazil: Defeat the Pension Reforms of President Bolsonaro and Mayor Covas!


Brazil: The First Political Exile


Crisis in Venezuela: Impressions from the Ground


All support to the Venezuelan people against Imperialism and Right-Wing Forces!


Evo Morales Handed the Head of Cesari Batistti On the Plate to Matteo Salvini


Brazil: The Generals Place Bolsonaro as a Disposable President, if Necessary!


Central America / Mexico / U.S.: Solidarity with the Migrants’ Caravan!


Brazil: Scandalous Electoral Fraud Opens the Path to Return of a New Military Regime


Brazil: Supporters of Bolsonaro Attack and Kill Oppositional Activist


Brazil: Vote Haddad – Defeat Bolsonaro!


Brazil: The Shadow of the Military in the Putschist Regime!


Brazil: The Regime of Exception is a Short Step to Become an International Pariah!


Solidarity with Venezuelan Migrants!


Free Lula! Rally in Protest against the Coup d’Etat in Brazil


Nicaragua: International Solidarity with the Popular Uprising against the Ortega-Murillo Regime!


Brazil: Important Conference to Organize Resistance against the Coup


Argentina: Defend Rubén "Pollo" Sobrero against Repression!


Haiti: Popular Uprising overthrows Pro-IMF Government!


Brazil: Portrait of an Emergency Regime


Brazil: Truckers' Strike Put Michel Temer's Government against the Wall


Mexico: Protest against Brutal Torture of Son of Socialist Leader in Oaxaca


Brazil: The Emergency Regime Advances!


Brazil: São Paulo teachers and public workers strike against pension reform by right-wing Mayor


[VIDEO] Brazil: Solidarity with the Public Sector Workers Strike!


Mexico: Cultural-Political Event for Women’s Rights in Naucaplan




Brazil: Federal Intervention in Rio - A First Step towards Return of the Military?


Brazil: The Presidential Elections 2018 are controlled by the Judiciary and the Conservative Media!


Brazil: Under the permanent Shadow of a Military Coup


After the horrible Earthquake in Mexico: Fight against the incompetent Government!


Brazil: No to President Temer’s Decree Eliminating the RENCA Amazon Reserve!




Brazil: Out to the Streets to Bring Down the Temer Government!


Solidarity with the General Strike in French Guiana!


Brazil: Army troops in the streets as the Temer Government advances its attacks against the workers


Brazil: Fight against the recession and the proposed pension reform! Workers shouldn’t have to pay for the crisis they didn’t create!


The Present Realities in Venezuela


Mexico: Socialist Perspectives for the Mass Protests against the Gasolinazo