The National Question



The Marxist Approach to the Struggle of the Oppressed People


By Yossi Schwartz, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, August 2019,



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Part I







1. The Change of the Weight of the Struggle in the Semi-colonies



2. What is a Nation?



3. Ancient Nations






Part II




4. What It Means to Unconditionally Support the Oppressed Nation



5. The Position of the Second International as Social-Imperialist and the National Question



6. Lenin’s Evolution of Thinking on the National Question






Part III




7. The Third International and the National Question



8. Stalinism and the National Question



9. Trotsky and the Fourth International on the National Question



10. The Fourth International on the National Question after Trotsky






Part IV




11. On Self-Determination of Oppressed Nations



12. The National Question in Russia



13. The National Question in China



14. The National Question in Europe Today






Part V




15. Settler Colonialism



16. Conclusion