Syria: Mass Rallies in Idlib against the Regime and Russia


Support the Undaunted Revolutionary People resisting against the Final Onslaught of Assad and imperialist Russia against the last Citadel of the Syrian Revolution!


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 15.09.2018,



Note of the Editorial Board: This article include a number of pictures, video links and a map which can be viewed below.



Tens of thousands people demonstrated in 83 cities and towns in the Greater Idlib region against the Assad tyranny and imperialist Russia on Friday 14 September. (1) In what many people say were the largest mobilizations since the early days of the revolution in 2011, people chanted slogans for the downfall of the regime. They denounced any attempt for reconciliation with the regime.


As numerous videos and pictures display, the demonstrators refuted the slander spread by the Assad regime and its international allies that the people in Idlib would be “terrorists”. They warn against a looming chemical attack, one of the most horrific weapons of the Assad tyranny against the revolutionary people. As it is well-known the regime has used this method of mass murder many times because its army is technologically superior but chronically understaffed due to the lack of popular support. (2)


While two separate mass rallies took place in Idlib City (the HTS supporters met at the Clock Square(3), pro-FSA/NLF supporters met at the Martyrs' Square), joint rallies of supporters of different factions were held in other towns. No incidents have been reported. (See below for a selection of pictures as well as a list of links to videos clips from these rallies.)


The only area where it is said that hardly any protests took place is a small region in the north-westerns countryside of Aleppo which is under control of the treacherous Zenki group which seems to be close to collapse. (4)


These demonstrations reflect that the will of the revolutionary people to continue the struggle against the barbarous Assad regime is undaunted. They also reflect the unabated mass support for the current leaderships of the popular uprising – mainly the petty-bourgeois Islamist Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) as well as the petty-bourgeois nationalist/Islamist Free Syrian Army / Jabhat al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir.


The FSA/NLF factions are closer to Ankara and partly support the treacherous negotiations of Russia, Iran and Turkey in Astana. (5) The HTS strongly opposes the Astana process and has not capitulated to the pressure of Ankara (until now). At the same it combines its uncompromising struggle against the regime with a reactionary Salafist ideology. (6) (See below a map showing the areas of factional control in the Greater Idlib region.)


None of these factions can lead the Syrian people to true liberation as they don’t stand for a working class program. This is why it is crucial for Syrian liberation activists to build a new revolutionary party as part of a World Party of Socialist Revolution. (7)


Looming Massacre


Since the beginning of September, Assadist and Russian forces have systematically bombed various towns in Idlib. The UN humanitarian agency (OCHA) announced: "Between 1-12 September, available information indicates that a sharp increase in hostilities and fears of further escalation has led to the displacement of over 38,500 people." (8)


While, in the last days, there have been less air strikes on liberated towns in Idlib then before, there is no reason for relief. (9) It is only a question of time until the Assadist and Russian aggressors will start invading Idlib and starting their massacre against the people. (10)


Attack in Two Phases?


There are discussions between the Assadist, Russian, and Iranian officials about an attack on Idlib in two phases. In a first phase the counterrevolutionary forces would focus on conquering the area around Jisr al-Shughour, the al-Ghab plain and the low areas around Jabal al-Zawiya. (The regime-controlled area in Latakia and the Russian military base at Hmeimim have been targeted regularly by rebels from these areas.). Another objective could be to push rebels further away from Hama by seizing the entire southern part of the Idlib pocket up to Maarat al-Numan and a third target might be to clear rebels from the western periphery of Aleppo. (11)


Later, in a second phase, the regime forces would try to conquer the rest of the liberated area. In any case, there is no reason to assume that the aggression against Idlib is about to end.


Currently, after the failure of the meeting between Putin, Rouhani and Erdoğan on 7 September in Teheran, negotiations between Russia and Turkey are continuing. (12) Moscow (in collaboration with Ankara) tries to combine ongoing attacks with attempts to buy-off some factions of the rebels: “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that Moscow would keep bombing militant targets in Syria’s Idlib Province if need be, but would also open humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to flee, the Interfax news agency reported. Lavrov, who was speaking in Berlin, was cited as saying that the Russian air force would strike what he called terrorist weapons-making facilities as and when it found out about them, but would also encourage local reconciliation deals.” (13)


At the same time, the Putin regime emphasizes that its attempts to annihilate those forces most determined the liberation struggle (the “al-Qaida terrorists”) will continue. Its tactic is the old “divide et imperare” policy which the Roman Empire already deployed with success. At a meeting with his German counterpart Heiko Maas in Berlin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that there will be no reconciliation offered to the “terrorist forces” like Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and the Turkestan Islamic Party.


“We along with our Turkish partners are vigorously working on solving the situation in Idlib in a full accordance with the arrangements which were made during the process of creating the de-escalation zone over there. The arrangements entail the announcement of the ceasefire with one crucial exception – terrorists are not included. No reconciliation, no ceasefire regime includes terrorists. (...) Together with our Turkish partners who cooperate in a very constructive manner on this issue we facilitate local arrangements between the units of the moderate opposition and the government forces, the same way as we did in the other de-escalation zones when they existed. We also encourage the creation of humanitarian corridors, safe zones for the civilians.” (14)


Turkey Reluctantly Collaborates with Russian Imperialism


While the Erdoğan regime wants to avoid a bloodbath as a result of a full assault of the Assadist/Russian/Iranian forces, it is determined to advance the liquidation of the Syrian Revolution. (15) The main interests of Ankara are:


a) avoiding a new wave of Syrian refugees coming to Turkey,


b) suppressing the struggle of the Kurdish people for national self-determination


c) achieving a pacification of the situation in North Syria (i.e. the liquidation of the Syrian Revolution) and,


d) achieving stable relations with Russian imperialism as well as the regional powers (like Iran). (16)


For this reason the Erdoğan regime is willing to collaborate with Assad and Putin in attempts to eliminate the most determined forces of the liberation struggle against the Assad tyranny (like HTS, TIP, HaD, etc.). Ankara recently declared the HTS as a “terrorist organization” (as Russia, Iran and the USA did before).


Of course, open attempts of the Turkish army to military smash the HTS and allied forces would be very risky for Ankara. First, it would be very difficult given the military strength and the popular support of the HTS. Secondly, it would massively damage Turkey’s reputation not only among the Syrian people but in the whole Muslim world. Hence, until now, Ankara has focused its attempts to smash the HTS on a) encouraging and supporting pro-Turkish FSA factions to attack HTS and b) a systematic campaign of assassinations against HTS commanders and militants.


Nevertheless, given the present economic crisis in Turkey and the deterioration of its relations with US imperialism, the Erdoğan regime is likely to comply with Russia’s request. On 14 September, Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said:


’We are making an effort for a ceasefire in Idlib,” he said, repeating Turkey’s call for targeted operations against jihadist militants, including the Tahrir al-Sham alliance, instead of an indiscriminate onslaught. ‘We are ready to cooperate with everyone to fight terrorist organizations. But killing everyone – civilians, women, children – like this in the name of fighting terrorist organizations is not right and is not humane,’ he said on a visit to Pakistan.” (17)


In other words, the liberations fighters in Idlib must prepare for a full-blown attack by the Assadist and Russian forces while taking precautions against a stab in the back by the Turkish forces or their local allies. An unbelievable difficult and challenging task!


International Solidarity with the Revolutionary People in Idlib!


As we have stated many times, large sectors of the international reformist and centrist left shamefully fail to stand on the side of the Syrian workers and peasants fighting for freedom. Instead, most Stalinists, left social democrats and centrists either support the counterrevolutionary Assad regime and its Russian imperialist backers or they stand aside and take a neutral position in face of the ongoing against the Syrian people. (18)


The RCIT repeats its call to the workers and popular mass organizations around the world to rally in support of the Syrian people! Defend Idlib, the last citadel of the Syrian Revolution, against the impending annihilation by the barbaric counter-revolution! Oppose any sellout and any “reconciliation deal”! Denounce the interference and aggression of all imperialist Great Powers in Syria! (19) For the immediate withdrawal of the Russian and U.S. troops as well as those of Iran and Turkey! All foreign military bases in Syria must be dissolved!


* Defend Idlib! Defeat the Assadist, Russian and Iranian forces!


* Oppose any sellout and any “reconciliation deal”!


* Russian, Iranian, U.S. and Turkish troops – out of Syria!


* Down with the counter-revolutionary Astana Negotiations!


* For a single Intifada from Idlib to Jerusalem, Basra, Cairo and Teheran!


* For a Workers and Poor Peasants Government!


* Build a Revolutionary Workers Party – nationally and internationally!




Collection of Videos of the Mass Demonstrations in Idlib on 14 September 2018: (A Syrian woman speaking in English) (OGN’s Bilal Abdul Kareem in English)





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