The Meaning, Consequences and Lessons of Trump‘s Victory

On the Lessons of the US Presidential Election Outcome and the Perspectives for the Domestic and International Class Struggle

By Michael Pröbsting (International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency), 24.November 2016,

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I.             The Election Outcome

1.             Trump becomes President despite losing the Popular Vote

2.             An Important Lesson: Bourgeois Democracy is Undemocratic

3.             Why did Trump win? How did the Working Class and the Oppressed Vote?

 Millions Workers and Oppressed deserted the Democratic Party (but didn’t vote for Trump)

 Reactionary Support for Trump amongst Sectors of the White Working Class

 A Side-Note on Liberal Academics who Consider the Ordinary People as Too Stupid


II.            Where is the Trump Administration Heading?

4.             What is the Political Class Coalition behind Trump?

5.             Trumpism both as an adventure and an objective necessity for the bourgeoisie

6.             Where will the US going under President Trump?


III.          Global Consequences: The Beginning of a New Era

7.             Accelerating Rivalry between the Great Powers

8.             More imperialist wars

9.             Reactionary Offensive and the Rise of Chauvinism

10.          The End of the Ideological Superiority of the US as the bearer of “Democracy” and “Human Rights”

11.          Acceleration of the Class Struggle


IV.          Lessons and Perspectives for the Struggle

12.          Is the Democratic Party – or at least its Left Wing around Sanders and Warren – a Vehicle for the Struggle against Trump?

13.          Break with the Democratic Party – Build a Multi-National Workers Party!

14.          Is the Green Party a Vehicle for the Struggle against Trump?

15.          The Importance of the National Question – the Multi-Nationalization of the US Working Class

16.          Down with all Great Powers! For the Defeat of U.S. Imperialism in every Military Conflict against Oppressed People

17.          Perspectives for the Spontaneous Mass Movement on the Streets against Trump


V             Summary Theses

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Trump’s victory in the US presidential election opens a new era both for US as well as global politics. It qualitatively accelerates the reactionary offensive of the ruling class as well as the rivalry between the Great Powers. Similarly it will provoke new upsurges of mass resistance both domestically and abroad. In short, the Trump Era will deepen the fundamental instability of the capitalist world order and hasten massive political and economic explosions. Without doubt this event will have tremendous implications for all those fighting against the capitalist tyranny of the monopolies and Great Powers, as it offers new opportunities, as well as dangers, for the revolutionary struggle.


Shortly after the announcement of the outcome of the US presidential election we published a first commentary about Trump’s victory. [1] In the following pamphlet we will discuss the results of the election in more detail. We will also elaborate our thoughts on the consequences of the future Trump administration, both for the US as well as for the international class struggle. Finally we will discuss the main lessons as well as the perspectives for progressive activists from a revolutionary Marxist point of view.


[1] See Michael Pröbsting: US Presidential Election: The Victory of Donald Trump is a Historical Turning Point, 09.11.2016,