Articles on Gaza War & Palestinian Intifada in 2021


RCIT & CS (Argentina): The Fourth Gaza War Has Begun! Defend the Palestinian People – Defeat Israel! (11.5.2021)

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RCIT’s media work during the Fourth Gaza War (This section is regularly updated)


War and Intifada in Palestine: A Turning Point in the World Situation

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The Fourth Gaza War Ended in a Historic Victory for the Palestinians!

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The rebellion of the Bedouins in the Negev


Britain Outlaws Hamas as a “Terrorist Organization”!


No Tears for a Zionist Soldier Executed by Palestinians


Release All Palestinian Political Prisoners!


Occupied Palestine: The Gilboa Prison Break and the Heroic Resistance of Jenin


Occupied Palestine: Freedom Road


Israeli Government is Afraid of Palestinian’s Resistance


Gaza: Israel Injured 41 Palestinians Demonstrating Against the Ongoing Criminal Siege


Israel: The Real Face of the Left-Wing Zionists


From the NSO Group to Ben and Jerry: the Zionist State and its Supporters are on the Front Line of Reaction!


Israel / Occupied Palestine: An Important First Test for the New Government


Israel/Occupied Palestine: From the Power of Logic to the Logic of Power


There are no left-wing and right-wing Zionists, only shades of right-wing Zionism!


Down with Racist Zionism! Down with Anti-Semitism!


On the Coalitions Negotiations in Israel


On the recent Blinken visit to the Middle East


La victoria de Netanyhau, la imposibilidad de reformar el Estado de Israel y un debate histórico con el PO


Israel: Anti-Netanyahu Protesters blame PM for Gaza Escalation


Who Won this Round in the Struggle Against the Zionist Apartheid State?


Interview with Michael Pröbsting on Arab Satellite Channel WATAN TV (16.5.2021)

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Vienna/Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada (21.5.2021)

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London/UK: Mass Demonstration in Support of the Palestinian People (22.5.2021)


Argentina: Defend Juan Carlos Giordano against Zionist Attacks!

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Fourth Gaza War: The Opportunist Left in the U.S. and the Biden Administration


Occupied Palestine: The Lie of Coexistence

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Palestinians in All Parts of Historic Palestine Declare General Strike! (17.5.2021)

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Buenos Aires/Argentina: Rally in Solidarity with Palestine (17.5.2021)

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The Zionist War Criminals and Their Friends


Fourth Gaza War: European Governments Try to Suppress Pro-Palestine Protests

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Occupied Palestine/Israel: The Racist Oppression of the Arabs in Lydda/Lod

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Buenos Aires/Argentina: Rally in Solidarity with Palestine (13.5.2021)

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Vienna/Austria: Mass Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine (12.5.2021)

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Nottingham/Britain: Rally in Solidarity with Palestine (15.5.2021)


Yossi Schwartz: A Jewish Anti-Zionist in Israel Says: For Military Victory of Gaza against Zionist Apartheid!

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RCIT and CS (Argentina): Occupied Palestine: Stand with our Brothers and Sisters in Jerusalem!

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Yossi Schwartz: Victory for the Palestinians! Time To Go Forward!

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ISL: Israel Hands Off Sheikh Jarrah and Out of Al Aqsa!

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