Zimbabwe on knife edge over suspected state sanctioned abduction of Dr Magombeyi


by Robert Hood, Correspondent of the RCIT in Zimbabwe, 20 September 2019, www.thecommunists.net




Sunday 15th September Zimbabweans woke up to the news that one Dr Peter Magombeyi, a medical doctor and leader of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association had been abducted by unknown three men gang who many believe are members of the dreaded military intelligence.


The evil act has obviously led to all those who work on the public and private medical fraternity to down tools further worsening a deteriorating health situation.


Dr Magombeyi was reportedly abducted as a form of punishment for his position as a struggle stalwart for not just doctors but all workers right to a living wage and unfair labour practices.


The abduction was a surprise but not unexpected as Dr Magombeyi like others such as Cde Peter Mutasa, the ZCTU Secretary General, who all received some text messages from the same number threatening to deal with them if they partook in actions deemed against the interests of the state.


There is a trail of physical and digital footprints that should have made the State's duty of investigating and apprehending the culprits much easier but alas, the police just gave a muted response blaming a fictitious third force, the US embassy and the MDC Alliance for the abduction.


Dr Magombeyi's abduction came hot on the heels of a plethora of other abductions, torture and threats directed to cdes in civil society and the trade union. Politicians in the opposition especially in the MDC Alliance have not been spared either from this ravenous state machinery that has gone rogue. There is a scary history of state enforced disappearances in Zimbabwe and whenever this happens, the state always refuses to take responsibility, blaming everything and everyone for the heinous acts. Jestina Mukoko, Broderick Takawira, Pascal Gonzo are some examples of people abducted by the state by were luck to be found alive but all agree that they were in the hands of Lucifer himself. Itai Dzamara was abducted in broad day light on 9 march 2015 was not so lucky and remain unaccounted almost 5 years now. Edwick Nhema who is the organizing secretary of the Zimbabwe Nurses Association reportedly escaped an abduction attempt Wednesday 17 September 2019 as he prepared to travel to Harare to attend a vigil for Dr Magombeyi. He had earlier received a text threatening to kill him if he proceeded with his plan to go to Harare for the vigil.


It is clear that the state - government of Zimbabwe stands as a perfect example of one of the erstwhile employers who have deliberately chosen to be a foe of all the working people of Zimbabwe in word and deed.


In the last 8 weeks alone, the government stand accused of abducting and torturing more than a dozen activists including Cde Mombeyarara who was accused of organizing MDC Alliance demos last month. The state went on to abduct and torture Gonyeti, a social commentator and comedian of all people without an iota of concern.


The state has clearly turned into a vampire and citizens have every reason to be afraid, very afraid.


Even the dead have become "unsafe" in recent times with the family of the late former President Robert Mugabe telling the nation that they intend to take his mortal remains for safe keeping back to Singapore where he came to grief on the 6th of September 2019 until his burial which will take place probably in the next two months as the government claims it is constructing a mausoleum for him.


As the local socialist movement in Zimbabwe, we join other progressive forces in calling for the immediate return of Dr Magombeyi to his family. We further demand that the state must stop abducting and torturing citizens but must protect, promote and respect human rights especially labour rights. We seek solidarity from everywhere especially comrades.