UK: Defend Chris Williamson and Others Against the Zionist Witch-Hunt!


Deselect all pro-Zionist witch-hunters and Blairite MP’s! Proscribe organisations like “Labour Friends of Israel” in the Labour Party!


By Joseph Adams, RED LIBERATION, 7 March 2018,




Chris Williamson, the Labour MP for Derby North, has been suspended from the Labour Party by the NEC for making purported anti-Semitic remarks at a Momentum meeting in Sheffield.


“Labour’s deep divisions over antisemitism were exposed afresh on Wednesday, after the party’s top official, Jennie Formby, succumbed to intense pressure and suspended the MP Chris Williamson. The announcement reversed decision hours earlier to allow Williamson to continue to remain a Labour MP, while a “pattern of behavior” was investigated – which had sparked a furious backlash from senior MPs, including the deputy leader, Tom Watson. The Derby North MP is an enthusiastic supporter of Corbyn, who served as shadow fire minister, before being removed from the post after departing from the Labour line on taxation. The Labour leader told Williamson’s local paper, the Derby Telegraph, in January: “Chris Williamson is a very good, very effective Labour MP. He’s a very strong anti-racist campaigner. He is not anti-Semitic in any way.” [1].




Tom Watson: Spearhead for the attack on Socialists in the Labour Party




The aim of the Zionists and Blairites is to use antisemitism as a weapon to drive out all pro-Corbyn supporters and socialists in the Labour party and turn the Labour party once more into a pro-capitalist and pro-austerity party tied to British imperialism. Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the party, certainly wants this and is leading the pack in his support of Zionists like Luciana Berger, Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth. He has accused members of Liverpool Wavertree CLP of racism. The CLP attempted to pass a vote of no confidence in Berger as the MP who has since departed and joined the pro-Tory Independent group. The CLP has been threatened with disciplinary action by Watson.


“Tom Watson has said he will take personal charge of antisemitism and bullying complaints made by MPs to bring them to the attention of the Labour leadership, telling colleagues he will hold the party’s management of the complaints to account. Watson said in his email, seen by the Guardian: “Over recent weeks a number of colleagues have shared their frustration that incidents of anti-Semitic, racist abuse and bullying have not been dealt with in an adequate and timely manner or that colleagues have not been informed of the outcome of party investigations.”[2].


Watson, a leading right winger in the party, has subverted Corbyn’s role as leader in the party and is deciding issues that are Corbyn’s responsibility. Corbyn has said nothing about the suspension of Williamson. Watson is erecting the cases of bullying and harassment to frighten middle class and petit bourgeois elements into thinking that anyone who calls these MP’s to account is a bully and the MP must be defended and not expected to explain their actions of supporting the Tory government over Brexit like Flint, Mann and Berger. If anyone criticizes them then they are being bullied. Democratic accountability is thrown out the window. Jennie Formby, the General Secretary, has now sent a letter to all Labour party members on how to deal with sexual harassment complaints .This is exactly what Blairite MP’s have been campaigning for. Most of the complaints have come from Blairite MP’s. Yet another example of Corbyn and his allies capitulating to the Blairite right wing. Williamson joins a long line of witch-hunted socialists who have been suspended. Nassem Shah, Ken Livingstone, Tony Greenstein, Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker have all been suspended for false allegations of anti-Semitism. These are all Anti Zionists who have been falsely accused of anti-Semitism.




Corbyn and McDonnell capitulate to the witch-hunters




“The weakness of left reformism has shown that when the Blairites and Zionists launch attacks on Corbyn and his supporters, Corbyn fails to support them and buckles under the pressure. A number of left wing activists including Marc Wadsworth and Tony Greenstein have been expelled from the Labour party. Corbyn’s supporters continue to be suspended or expelled by the Labour party bureaucratic machine controlled by the Blairites and Zionists. Corbyn with a majority on the National executive committee refuses to use that majority to curb the worst excesses of the right wing and remains a hostage to the pro-imperialists in the Labour party.”


“The attack on Livingstone and the expulsions of Marc Wadsworth and Tony Greenstein were all part of the ‘anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt. It is noticeable that when it came to laying charges the Labour Party avoided for legal reasons accusing people of anti-Semitism. Instead the catch all charge of ‘bringing the party into disrepute’ was used. Livingstone is the latest victim of a witch-hunt pursued by the pro-Israel lobby and the right-wing in the Labour Party.” [3]


Anti-Semitism is a red herring used by the pro-imperialists in the Labour party like Blair, Watson and others to prevent the election of a Corbyn-led anti-austerity government. The Blairites and Zionists have strong connections with Mossad, the secret intelligence service of the Israeli state, and are determined to purge the Labour party of socialists and anyone who criticises Zionism or the state of Israel. The closest allies of Zionism are several Labour MP’s including Margaret Hodge, Ruth Smeeth and Luciana Berger. Most fascist groups in Britain, including the English Defence League under Tommy Robinson, are the closest supporters of Zionism and are the most extreme anti-Semites.


On Sunday Jeremy Corbyn was physically attacked while was visiting the Finsbury Park mosque in North London. This shows how right-wing elements are demented and disturbed by Brexit. It shows the growth of right-wing fascism against migrants, refugees and politicians who are not racist.


“Corbyn was visiting the Muslim Welfare Centre in north London during the annual “Visit My Mosque” day, attached to Finsbury Park mosque. John Murphy, 31, was in attendance and approached Corbyn from behind, hitting him on the head with an egg in his fist. Murphy screamed, “When you vote you get what you vote for.” He later made clear this was an attack on Corbyn’s acceptance of a possible second referendum on Britain leaving the European Union should Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal or Labour’s alternative proposal fail. Alongside Corbyn on Sunday was Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who wrote on social media, “I was there. He punched Jeremy very hard. He happened to have an egg in his palm. But it could have been a knife. Horrible”. [4]


The Zionists aim is to create the climate of fear and their attacks on Corbyn and his supporters give ammunition to fascists who remain agitated by Brexit. Of course, they use fascist violence for their own ends but the real perpetrators are the Zionist and Blairite MP’s who mouth these lies about Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.


The Zionists aim is to conflate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism; unfortunately both Corbyn and McDonnell have allowed this to happen and fallen into a trap set by the Blairites. The real racists are of course the Zionists. This right-wing Labour MP’s never mentioning hate crime against Muslims recently by fascist groups or attacks against refugees or Migrants. This is of no concern to them. They are constantly trying to equate Jews with Zionism and any Labour party member who supports the Palestinians and attacks the state of Israel is of course “Anti-Semitic”.


“Unfortunately Corbyn and McDonnell have confused Anti-Semitism and Zionism and are capitulating to the right-wing elements in the Party. Corbyn now says he is going to conduct an inquiry into Anti-Semitism in the Party. Of course the pro Zionist elements in the party – the ‘LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL’ – are forcing Corbyn and others to instigate a witchunt against pro-Palestinian elements in the party”. [5]




Israel: An Apartheid and imperialist state




Let us be clear: the state of Israel is a racist, imperialist and apartheid state comparable to the worst excesses practised against the Black population of South Africa by the ruling white racist minority. Its racism has led pogroms, murders and assassinations against Palestinians and Arabs who have been deprived of their homeland and basic democratic rights. Children and women have been murdered by the Zionist state indiscriminately.


We support progressive Palestinians and Jews who oppose the Zionist state and who advocate a single, democratic state in the whole of Palestine. [6]


RED LIBERATION puts forward the following demands to unite all socialist forces inside the Labour Party.


* We call on Jeremy Corbyn and Jenny Formby, General Secretary of the Labour Party, to conduct an investigation into the links between Mossad, Israel’s secret intelligence service, and Pro-Zionist Labour MP’s who are directly working for the Israeli state with unfounded claims of Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party!


* All suspended members of the Labour party who have been falsely accused of anti-Semitism (Chris Williamson, Jackie walker, Marc Wadsworth, Tony Greenstein) to be immediately reinstated and the NEC to immediately implement the decisions of the Chakrabarti report into democracy! Abolish the “Compliance Unit”!


* Proscribe and expel all Zionists and Blairites who have conducted witch-hunts in the Labour Party! All members of the “Labour Friends of Israel” be expelled as their racist views are incompatible with Labour Party membership!


* For a Free, Democratic, Red Palestine from the River to the Sea!
















6) See on this e.g. the broad “Campaign for One Democratic State” in Occupied Palestine / Israel ( See also e.g. the program of revolutionary socialists in Israel / Occupied Palestine (