Greetings to All Greek Socialists Who Are Campaigning for a Vote of OXI in 5 July Referendum

Solidarity Message from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 3.7.2015,


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends its warmest greetings of solidarity to all Greek socialists who are campaigning during these dramatic days for a loud and clear vote of OXI in the Referendum to be held on 5 July!

The last few days have demonstrated once more the reactionary and imperialistic nature of the European Union which is now seen for what it truly is – nothing but an instrument of the robber banks and corporations! The EU leaders are enraged that the Greek people are no longer prepared to accept their being plundered and robbed by the oligarchs!

Recent days have also shown how the SYRIZA-led popular front government is wavering and refuses to undertake any consistent struggle against the EU-Troika. It is only due to the forceful pressure of the Greek working class that the government even dared to call for a referendum.

Similarly, these days have once again illuminated the reactionary nature of the KKE-leadership which is refusing to call for a vote of OXI in the referendum. In their words, the KKE-leadership may presume to be left-wing critics of SYRIZA, but in their deeds they are no more than accomplices of the imperialist EU and the Greek oligarch parties, ND-PASOK-Potami.

The RCIT repeats its call to adopt the following three measures which are absolutely necessary to commence the revolutionary rupture with the EU imperialists and the Greek oligarchs:

a) Immediately nationalize all banks and financial institutions under workers’ control! This is the only way to avoid the financial bleeding and blackmailing of Greece by a small gang of greedy oligarchs.

b) Immediately nationalize all of the large organs of the media under workers’ control and give free and open access to them by all workers and popular organizations! This is the only way to stop the hysterical campaign of the corporate press which is intentionally attempting to intimidate the Greek people.

c) Immediately withdraw Greece from the Euro Zone and the EU! As long as Greece is a member of these imperialist clubs, the country will be dominated by the big monopolies and great powers.

Furthermore, it is vital that socialists begin and continue to organize all workers and youth in action committees at their workplaces, and in their neighborhoods, schools, universities, and villages. Such committees will then serve as the basis for developing full, direct democratic mass councils (like those which were called soviets in Russia in 1905 and 1917). We support calls for a national congress of delegates from local action committees and organizations of the workers’ movement in which they will discuss and vote on a plan to carry on the fight in this grave situation. In addition, it is absolutely urgent to begin to form self-defense units which will defend the workers’ movement from the fascists of Chrysí Avgí (Golden Dawn) as well as from the police. (For more on the RCIT’s position on the referendum in Greece see our latest statement at:

* Solidarity with the socialists in Greece who are campaigning for a resounding vote of OXI in the 5 July Referendum!

* Victory to the Greek workers and youth!

* Long live international solidarity!