Our Position on the Elections in Israel


A Statement of the Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 10.03.2019, http://www.the-isleague.com




The Internationalist Socialist League (ISL), as a revolutionary Marxist organization and the section of the RCIT, is calling to vote for Balad in the coming elections. While the “Blue and white” new list is not known for corruption, of the little we can understand of its politics is not much different from the right wing Likud party.


Unfortunately, the Joint List split and the one who initiated the split was Ahmad Tibi. In January Tibi announced his Arab Movement for Renewal party has severed ties with the Joint List. Hadash joined him for the coming elections. Both of these parties recognize the right of the self determination of the Zionist settler colonialists and the phony “solution” of two states which is nothing but a pie in the sky.


Israel is gradually becoming an open and unabashed apartheid state from the river to the sea. Thus, the only way forward is to struggle for one democratic state. Such a state cannot be realized nor maintained unless through socialism. Balad does not support in principle the self determination of the Zionists and for this reason we call to vote Balad-Ra'am!