Joint Statement on the Popular Uprising in the U.S.

Despite the Traps of the World Bourgeoisie: The Awakening of the Proletariat in the Heart of the Imperialist Beast


The Revolution and Counterrevolution Face Each Other!


Joint Statement of Colectivo Emancipacion Proletaria and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 3 July 2020,




The brutal murder of George Floyd has been the drop that spilled the glass of the level of oppression suffered daily by the exploited masses in the United States. The cry against racism and oppression has reverberated throughout the world because the global working class sees its demands and hardships reflected in those of its American class brothers and sisters. It is that the murder of George Floyd opened the gates so that all sectors of the exploited masses begin to emerge as a fighting force: the unemployed, the dockers, workers of different factories bursting into massive strikes, etc. What is revealed is that the richest imperialism in the world cannot live if it does not plunge its own proletariat into misery as it did with the entire semi-colonial and colonial world.


Despite and against the state of siege that the bourgeoisie has imposed under the cover of COVID-19, the masses of the United States have shown the way to the entire world working class on how to fight against our enemies, how to conquer our demands and to raise our voice. They wanted to erase us from the political scene, locking us in our houses, instilling fear to control the heroic masses that in different parts of the world raised their voices demanding their rights, such as in Chile, France, Hong Kong, Ecuador to give just a few examples. These phenomena have developed without the treacherous leaderships, which the bourgeoisie has squeezed to the last drop and which began to see that it was losing control over the labor movement.


Today, in different parts of the world, such as France, Britain, Belgium, etc., the masses are fighting in the streets and supporting the struggles in the United States. This reflects a dramatic change in the world situation that might even result in the near future in the opening of a revolutionary world situation. This shows that what has begun is a mass struggle at the international level against the imperialist system. The masses, in many countries of the world, have identified the true enemy, which is not a virus that comes from bats, but the bourgeois states that kill with bullets if not with hunger. The control of American imperialism over the masses has weakened as a result of the revolutionary eruptions which attacked the control and manipulation devices that imperialism used until now. Examples for this are the burning of the AFL-CIO headquarters, the lack of trust by the advanced sectors of the masses in the Democratic party, etc.


There is no time to lose! In Seattle, a sector of the masses had taken 6 blocks and made a list of progressive demands that express the hatred of the exploited towards the state, such as the dissolution of the police, workers and popular courts. However, the insulation of the movement within a few blocks will only result in a process of wearing it down. At the same time, it will give the bourgeoisie time to organize its reactionary forces. So today, in the Seattle commune we must set up the headquarters of the American Revolution. It is necessary organize a congress of all the fighting masses to bring down the Trump government and set up a revolutionary provisional government organized by the fighting masses, i.e. a workers and popular government based on assemblies and militias of the masses.


Armed with weapons, the masses will organize their own workers' militia and move towards dissolution of the repressive forces (police, CIA, national guard) and once and for all sweep away the REPUBLICRAT regime. Only such a government, which sweeps away that reactionary regime responsible for the greatest genocides on the planet, can manage to stop hunger, unemployment and homelessness in the richest and most advanced country in the world. Only such a government can end racist oppression and give citizenship to all immigrant workers such as Latinos so that they have the same rights as native American workers.




"With fascism there is no discussion"




The senior staffs of the US government argue that the initiative with which Trump threatens to take the army to the street would be crazy. It is not because they care about the constitution, the laws are respected by imperialism only insofar as it serves them against the proletariat. The reality is that imperialism knows that rank and file soldiers could refuse to repress and even insubordinate and join, with their weapons, the camp of the masses. That is why sectors of the Yankee bourgeoisie maintain the fascist gangs and white supremacist movements attacking the mobilizations of the fighting masses. Today these groups are tiny, but as time passes, they can grow, feeding on the desperate sectors of the middle classes who yearn to return to their old “order”. For this reason, by organizing the workers' militia subordinate to the organizations of the fighting masses, we will be able to crush and end once and for all with the fascist KKK gangs that have been ravaging the United States for more than 100 years.


Another sector of the U.S. bourgeoisie tries to contain the masses by making limited concessions like legal charges against a few killer cops, removing of statues of reactionary racist figures in the country’s history, proposing some reforms of the police, etc. Naturally, these are only fake-reforms which shall confuse and pacify the fighting masses!




“A people that oppresses another cannot liberate itself”




But the struggle against the bourgeois state of the United States is not a struggle only of the North American proletariat but of the exploited of the whole world, especially those in the semi-colonial and colonial world who are oppressed and crushed by the Yankee army. In Colombia alone, the United States has 7 military bases, it has troops controlling the Middle East oil wells in Syria and Iraq, the racist Zionist settler state of Israel is occupying Palestine, and so on. As the dominant power, the U.S. has military bases and interventions all over the world. For a long time, the masses of the colonial and semi-colonial countries did not have such favourable conditions to rise up against their governments. Today, these puppet governments of imperialist powers face unrest and resistance by the masses of their own countries. That is why in a congress of the fighting masses of the United States it is of utmost importance to call for the defeat of the Yankee occupation troops in the countries where they are and for the dismantling of any imperialist military base outside their territory. The struggle for such goals is an obligation not only for the proletariat of the oppressed countries but also for that of the oppressor countries. We emphasise that a state that oppresses the world cannot be defeated only in one country. Such a call would unite the oppressed all over the world across borders. First of all it could unite the American proletariat from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.




Crisis of leadership




Today in the struggle of the masses it is visible how their full potential is developed when they get often act by ignoring the advice of the leaders that subdue them. They can more quickly identify the enemy and go beyond the limits of legality, i.e. they can carry out insurrections an even to set up their self-determined fighting bodies. But rarely in history has the lack of revolutionary leadership been so noted. Revolutionaries know very well that imperialism is preparing new meditations or containment dikes. Popular fronts serve to divert the struggle of the masses that changed the world. However, after this, nothing will be as it was before. Revolutionaries warn that the leaderships of community organizations, of the Black Lives Matters movement, Sanders etc. will try to channel and pacify the fighting masses.


What the masses need to succeed is a revolutionary party, is to re-found the SWP of 1938 led by the Fourth International. The healthy forces of the revolutionary and Trotskyist movement must focus on fighting for the re-foundation of that party that, by winning the masses in the soviets, will be able to lead the proletariat to take power. Let’s be clear: the struggle in the US is of fundamental importance not only for the future of the world proletariat, but of the whole humanity.




Colectivo Emancipacion Proletaria (Argentina, Chile)


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Britain, Germany and Austria)