No Kidding: Saudi Arabia’s “Council of Senior Scholars” claims that Muslim Brotherhood is a “Terrorist Group”!


An example of hypocrisy by political prostitutes


A commentary of Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, 12 November 2020,




The Bible warns: “Beware of the hypocrites who disfigure their faces“ (Matthew 6:16). And I would like to add that the political prostitutes in the service of tyranny are even worse!


According to the Saudi Press Agency, Saudi Arabia’s “Council of Senior Scholars” has announced on Tuesday that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and does not represent Islam. It claims, among others: “The brotherhood is a terrorist group that does not represent the approach of Islam. It is a perverted organisation that disobeys legitimate rulers, stirs up discord, conceals foul doings under the cover of religion, and practices violence and terrorism.” The council also states that the brotherhood does not “represent the method of Islam, rather it blindly follows its partisan objectives that are running contrary to the guidance of our graceful religion.” (1)


As a leading representative of a revolutionary socialist organization I do not share the political ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood (or al-Ikhwan in Arabic). Surely they can defend themselves against these accusations and Yusuf Al Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood, has already done so.


Nevertheless, I deem it necessary to state – as a political opponent of al-Ikhwan – that hardly ever have I seen a more cynical and absurd statement!


Since I am not a Muslim I do not want to intervene in a discussion who represents Islam. However, what I can say is that thousands and thousands of supporters of al-Ikhwan have become martyrs in defending their religious and political goals. Albeit I don’t share their ideology I recognize that they have proven in practise that they are idealists committed to their beliefs.


Now, compare this to those out-and-out decadent elements which the Council of Senior Scholars serves: a perverted monarchy with a few thousand princes who never have done any hard work in their lives, who enjoy all privileges of the wealthy and who exploit and replace women at a whim! No, I am not an expert in Islam but surely I know who the pervert of those two is!


The “Council” accuses the Brotherhood that it “disobeys legitimate rulers”. What kind of rulers are they talking about? The Saudi rulers – the “Best Friends Forever“ of Israel and U.S. imperialism? Or do they mean General Sisi who got billions of US dollars from Riyadh for carrying out a military coup and butchering thousands of people? Or do they mean the tyranny of Assad, servant of Russian imperialism and serial killer of hundreds of thousands of Syrians? It is true that the Brotherhood opposes all those rulers. But these monsters can hardly be considered as “legitimate rulers”! “Disobeying” them is the only right thing to do!


The “Council” claims that al-Ikhwan “conceals foul doings under the cover of religion”. Says who? The “Council” serving the “guardian of Mecca and Medina“ who abuses religion for waging a bloody war against the Yemeni people with tens of thousands of dead, including many children?! The “Council” which serves Mohamed bin Salman who ordered the dismemberment of the oppositional journalist Jamal Khashoggi by a chainsaw?! The “Council” which supports the Crown Prince who kisses the feet of Zionism and supports “normalization” with Israel?!


The “Council” accuses the Brotherhood that it would “practices violence and terrorism”. I gave already a number of examples which demonstrate that it is rather the Saudi monarchy, which the “Council” serves, which is practising “violence and terrorism”. In any case, these accusations are simply slander! The Brotherhood has acted in Egypt, in Jordan and many other countries peacefully and didn’t commit any “terrorist” acts. As I mentioned above, I am not uncritical of the Brotherhood. But my criticism is rather that in the struggle against the military dictatorship in Egypt it acts rather too passive and not that it would be “too violently”!


In summary, the statement of Saudi Arabia’s “Council of Senior Scholars” is a worthless piece of paper which can only be of use at a toilet!


Nevertheless, it makes sense to read such documents as it is a great lesson how deep these so-called religious scholars have sunk in their well paid for service as political prostitutes of the Mohammed bin Chainsaw!


Finally, let me point out that it is very telling that the Saudi “Council” denounces the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist group” exactly at the same time as European governments (e.g. in France and Austria) are waging a war against Muslim organizations including al-Ikhwan. It is well known that the imperialist states in Europe – fanatic defenders of Charlie Hebdo – and the Saudi monarchy are close allies. Hence, all this is no accident. It is part of the imperialist crusade against the oppressed. All socialists, democrats, righteous people – Muslims and Non-Muslims – must stand together against this attack!




1) All quotes from: Tamara Abueish: Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group: Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars, Al Arabiya English, 11 November 2020,; Muslim Brotherhood responds to Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, November 12, 2020; Saudi senior scholars: Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group that does not represent Islam, November 11, 2020,




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